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You need a proper comb

by:Boom Home     2019-12-18
There are many types of small combs, each with different looks and materials. The main purpose of the comb is to comb the tangles of hair and straighten the ends. Some people use it as the first step in combing their hair. Generally, they use a hair comb to straighten out hair and loosen all knotted hair after getting up and before washing. The comb material is mostly wild bristles and nylon, which is more suitable for taking care of curls and removing dust. Compared with Comb, Brush can stimulate the scalp to secrete oil, massage and promote blood circulation. Brush is suitable for thick hair and curly hair, making hair soft and fluffy. Massage combs and mane combs belong to Brush. Plastic combs; plastic combs are daily combs for ordinary households. They are common because they are affordable and suitable for most people. However, in the process of using plastic combs, it is easy to cause static electricity, which makes the dry hair itself more dry and breakable, and the test feeling is not good. The static electricity generated can also irritate the skin of the head, affecting the health of the scalp and hair roots. For hair with dandruff and more dust, using a plastic comb will make the dirt stick closer and tighter, and static-charged hair will easily absorb dust in the air, which is not conducive to keeping the hair clean. In addition, plastic combs easily accumulate dirt during use, so you must pay attention to frequent cleaning. Large plate comb; Large plate comb is the comb with the largest contact area with the hair, suitable for before and after shampooing. Before shampooing, use a large comb to fully comb the hair, which can solve the problem of knots during shampooing, reduce hair loss during shampooing, and also evacuate dust on the hair and scalp for easy cleaning. The large bristles combs are densely arranged and suitable for use when drying hair. They can be quickly combed and knotted to smooth out frizz. Suitable for people with thick hair and big waves. Short-tooth combs; short-tooth combs, like large combs, are more suitable for knotting hair. Combs are short and you can get less hair each time, so be patient and divide your hair into strands to comb. Most short-tooth combs are made of softer nylon and can also be used for massage. Pointed tail comb; pointed tail comb is suitable for use when you need to take care of styling, can be used to partition the hair, or to loosen the hair before binding the pony tail, or after combing the hair roughly smooth, use this comb to change More air is brought into the hair roots, making the hair fluffy and shiny, with a sense of volume, and saving the flat top. When using, first grab the top of the hair, use a comb to comb the hair roots to make it more fluffy, and then comb the surface neatly. Mane combs: There are two types of mane combs: artificial hair and pig bristles. Compared with artificial hair, pig bristles are more flexible, elastic, difficult to deform, generate no static electricity, and are closer to the texture of human hair. Scalp, cleans hair naturally, helps to bring sebum from scalp to hair, these sebum is the best natural conditioner for hair. The bristles can effectively remove dandruff and dust, and smooth the scales of the curly hair, making the hair more supple and shiny. The bristle hair brush will not scratch the scalp. But it is not suitable for those who love oily hair, the more they comb the more oily. Negative ion comb; negative ion comb is a new product in recent years. A negative ion generator is built into the comb. When the comb is turned on, the negative ion device can be opened to allow negatively charged ion particles to neutralize the positive charge in the hair, thereby removing frizz and smoothing Disorderly, eliminate static electricity. Especially when you wash your hair and dry it quickly, combing your hair with negative ions is more effective. However, it is not as magical as the advertisement said, and it has little effect on solving the problem that the hair is too close, the gloss, style and hair quality of the hair are improved. And the price is high, you need a battery when you use it Laser combs; laser combs are not as flashy as many people think. In American medicine, Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is a relatively mature medical grade technology. A 650nm visible low-energy soft laser is used to stimulate the scalp, which can stimulate the growth of hair follicles and is a good auxiliary product for treating hair loss. Therefore, it is good to regularly stimulate the scalp with a laser comb, suitable for people with hair loss. However, the price of laser combs is not low, and there is no need to use it without the problems of hair loss. And because it is an adjuvant treatment, the effect is slow, it needs to be adhered to, and it cannot replace drugs. Horn horn comb; horn horn combs generally include rhino horn, buffalo horn, yellow horn, yak horn and so on. Because it is a natural animal product, it is not easy to generate static electricity with the head, and the contact with the scalp is mild, and it does not hurt the scalp. A good horn comb is cool and smooth, and has very little friction with the hair. It can protect the hair scales during the combing process, and it will not make the hair frizzy even after combing the hair multiple times. When the scalp secretes too much cortex, it will block the pores and cause skin inflammation. Combing your hair with a comb made of rhino horns can absorb the oil secreted by the scalp to a certain extent and regulate the secretion of oil. Wooden combs are generally made of sandalwood, boxwood, peach, and jujube. Sandalwood is hard and has a faint fragrance. It can promote blood circulation and protect hair quality for a long time. It is an ideal hair care product. Compared to the well-known sandalwood, boxwood is not so famous, but it has been the first choice for combing since ancient times. Boxwood has excellent texture, fine texture, and moderate hardness. It is used to make combs that are not soft or hard. It also contains boxwood, which can inhibit the growth of fungi, so it has better antipruritic and dandruff effects. Functionally speaking, the difference between peach, jujube, and bamboo combs is not much, but in ancient China there was the concept of peach wood to avoid evil spirits, so it would prefer peach wood, but it was mainly based on its own needs when choosing.
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