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why to use face mask?

by:Boom Home     2020-02-21
Masks are an ideal way to remove dead cells from the outer layer of the skin.
In fact, the mask has many functions to improve the health and appearance of the skin.
A good mask can improve the texture of the skin, make it clearer and more transparent, and keep it young.
The mask has a deep cleansing effect on the skin, removing impurities, waste and dead skin cells.
They can also prevent pore blockage and prevent the occurrence of many related problems.
Removing dead cells helps to improve the skin\'s ability to absorb products and make moisturizing more effective.
The cell renewal function of the skin has also improved.
The drying and hardening process of many masks and subsequent removal can lead to the expansion of the blood vessels of the skin, thus improving the skin tone.
The blood circulation on the surface of the skin has also been greatly improved, making the skin radiant and energetic.
Masks should be selected according to individual requirements.
According to the function that the mask must perform, there are many kinds of masks.
How do mask?
Masks are a very good way to activate the skin at any time.
A cleansing mask that usually contains clay or fruit absorbs excess oil.
There are deep enzymes in fruits such as papaya-
Clean the action and make the skin shine.
The Moisturizing Mask gives a real boost to the dry skin, making our fine lines smooth and refreshing the face.
Some moisturizing masks also contain moisturizing and firming ingredients such as seaweed, herbs, and citron oil, perfect for skin tone
Improved before or after the party.
A fully clean mask is more suitable for oily and some combined skin.
They are designed to extract excess oil and contaminants from the surface.
When the mask is washed off, these are removed from the skin.
Cleaning the mask also helps to clear pores and remove dead skin cells.
Therefore, they inhibit the formation of pimples, improve pores and improve the texture of the skin.
They should be specially formulated to clean and refine the skin and are perfect for oily skin.
Cleansing mask improves skin texture and tightens pores.
Surgical Facial masks have been developed for specific issues such as pimples, rashes and other rashes, as well as skin sensitivity.
It can also be used if there is acne, as it helps to soothe and heal the skin.
It also creates a sterilization surface to control the propagation of this condition.
Homemade dry skin mask ingredients: Mix half a teaspoon of honey with egg yolk and a tablespoon of milk powder.
Mix to paste and apply.
Take it out after 20 minutes with water.
For oily skin: Mix half a teaspoon of honey with protein and a teaspoon of lemon juice.
Add Fuller soil or beer yeast powder.
Mix to paste and apply.
Take it out after 20 minutes with water.
For oily skin and skin with enlarged pores: add lemon juice and a small amount of milk to oatmeal.
Apply the paste and take it out after 20 minutes with water.
Do not use if there is an outbreak.
For oily and oily skin: Mix a tablespoon of yogurt with Fuller\'s soil and apply it.
The yogurt itself can be applied to the face.
It helps to soften the skin and restore the natural acid sleeve.
For blackheads: add the white of the egg to the oatmeal and apply for 15 to 20 minutes.
Remove with water and rub gently.
Sunburn: add a little lemon juice to the milk and apply it with cotton wool.
Mayonnaise can also be applied on its own.
It helps to relieve sunburn.
Skin cleaning: make pulp with raw papaya and apply it.
Papaya acts as a clean agent to soften dead skin cells and help remove dead skin cells.
For all skin types: ground cucumbers can be applied on the face.
Juice is also good for the skin around the eyes.
It helps to tighten the skin and has a cool effect.
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