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which makeup brushes do you need?

by:Boom Home     2020-03-25
What makeup brushes do you really need?
Most women don\'t need a powder or kabuki brush, but what about a lip brush or a cover brush?
How do you distinguish between good quality and poor quality brushes?
Here are the answers!
Brush Quality brushes are all about bristles, so which one is the best?
Natural or synthetic?
It depends on what you want it to do.
Since natural bristles have a permeable nature, it is best suited for picking up, evenly distributing, and mixing powder products.
Thanks to its smooth shaft, synthetic bristles made of nylon and similar polymers are best suited for applying liquid and cream products.
Unlike natural bristles, they are attracted inward to prevent stripes and do not absorb more products than you need.
If you are a vegan, there are some synthetic brushes that can apply powder like a natural brush, especially a brush made of taklon.
The rest of us look forward to the day when they are equally good, they are cheaper and more durable.
No matter how much you pay for them, natural brushes lose shape after several washes.
Cheap natural brushes are never a good idea.
They are always made of \"cut\"
Off \", instead of bristles with round ends, which leaves a tiny scratch on the skin.
The large powder brush allows uniform application in a large area.
If you just want to add a little diffuse color to the Apple on the cheek, it can be used for loose and pressed powder as well as powder blush.
Because it leaves a transparent surface, the powder brush is also ideal for spraying bronze throughout the face for subtle sunlight
Kiss the glow, or cover the cheek with a translucent highlighted product after applying the blush.
Do not brush the powder properly.
Instead, push the brush from the forehead to the skin of the chin.
This creates a perfect end that will not disturb your foundation.
Kabuki brushes are like big powder brushes, which can even be applied in large areas.
For powder foundation, you can get better coverage with a tablet kabuki brush, which can be used to apply any powder product on a large area, including blush, bronze and loose or pressed
The round kabuki brush is more suitable for applying to cheeks and temples and for mixing and polishing.
For a warm glow, walk past the temples, cheeks and chin in the bronze color in figure \"3.
Whatever you want to do, always apply from forehead to chin in a rotating pen painting.
The blush brush uses a tilted blush brush to create a defined effect, as well as a tapered effect for a more subtle blend look.
The color intensity depends on how much pressure you apply and the smaller the size, the stronger the color will be.
For the profile, you will get more carved look with a cone brush.
When using a brush, sweep the ears and temples outward.
Applying the cover conce cream with a brush instead of a finger allows you to better control the amount of application and make it easier to apply to the foundation.
The round cover the conce brush can be used not only to cover spots and other irregularities, but also to highlight areas such as eyes and corners of the mouth.
Use liquid masking cream to cover conce a little lighter than your natural skin tone.
The flat shape of the brush is also ideal for mixing in larger areas, E. G. g.
Chin and bridge of nose.
For best results, apply with one side of the brush and mix with the other.
This precision cover conce brush is sharp, not flat, and can cover small flaws.
The best way to find the right foundation for your skin tone and apply it is to experiment.
Using your fingers will keep the liquid and cream foundation matte for a longer period of time.
A damp sponge creates a very pure surface treatment.
The foundation brush will leave a pure, perfect mix, almost finished with a spray brush.
There are two types of foundations, one is tapered and the other is round.
The latter works with powder as well as liquid and cream foundation, so you can use it instead of a Kabuki brush.
The trick is not to draw the foundation literally, which will leave a mess, but in short, down, criss --
Cross stroke from forehead to chin.
Apply only one side and then use the same criss-
Cross stroke mixing.
The foundation brush is also suitable for applying liquid and cream highlighting products.
Lips BrushA lip brush needs to be firm in order to deliver lipstick evenly while using considerable pressure.
The tip can be round or sharp.
The latter is useful for applying matte lipstick as a lip line.
The advantage of applying lipstick with a brush is that it stays longer and leaves a smooth, clear finish.
It also makes it easier for you to stay inside the contours of your lip line.
To be softer and more casual, you \'d better apply it directly from the tube.
Eye shadow brush whether you need eye shadow brush depends on the effect you want to create.
Take a casual look and you can use your finger or applicator, but you have to invest in a brush if you prefer something more polished.
The flat head brush you can never have is a soft and sturdy flat head brush.
Mix and apply shadows to areas under the upper cover and eyebrows using a soft brush, and use a sturdy brush turned on the side to make cover creases and lower lash lines.
The round head brush is firm, and the round head brush is ideal for feather, while the soft round head brush is good for mixing.
If you want to make smoke-filled eyes, it won\'t work without these two eyes.
Apply powder Cole or eyeshadow as eyeliner with pencil and reclining brush, using stiff pencil or reclining brush, the latter is also the perfect choice for applying eyebrow powder.
Apply eye shadow at the creases of the lid using a soft pencil brush.
How to clean and care the makeup brush to clean the makeup brush, place a drop of shampoo or brush cleaner in the palm of your hand and rotate the bristles for about 15 seconds.
Rinse in gentle water until it becomes clear, squeeze out excess moisture and carefully comb back the shape.
Leave the brush on the edge of the counter to dry so the bristles are in the middleair.
In order to avoid damage to natural bristles, please do not use strong detergent, wash with baby shampoo or special makeup brush cleaner.
The brushes take 48 hours to dry, so wash them only when you don\'t need them the next day.
If you feel like you can\'t go for a day without a particular brush, buy a spare one.
Before the makeup brush is completely dry, never use or store the makeup brush after washing.
After each use, gently wipe dry cosmetic tissue between washing.
Store in the lying position in the spacious box to prevent dust.
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