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What kind of wooden comb is good

by:Boom Home     2019-12-25
Combs are daily necessities and a good tool for massaging the scalp. Many people use plastic combs, which are prone to static electricity, and hair strands are tangled together, which is bad for hair. Wooden comb, using natural wood, does not comb the hair, can protect the hair, massage the head, How to choose a wooden comb 1 Material When choosing a wooden comb, you must first look at the material. You must use natural wood to better protect your hair, and also to make it strong and durable. Now the materials of wood combs are boxwood, peach, mahogany, sandalwood and so on. Boxwood is very tough and is the first choice for making combs since ancient times. The wood also contains boxwood, which can inhibit fungi, clear heat and detoxify. Common boxwood combs can prevent itching and dandruff. Peach wood is very dense, strong, and scented. It is also a more traditional comb material. The mahogany wood is strong, corrosion-resistant, durable and delicate. The texture of sandalwood is beautiful, the wood is strong and durable, very rare, so it is also very precious. 2 workmanship The material of the wooden comb is wood, which is prone to burrs, etc. It will shave the hair, but it will easily hurt the hair. When selecting, choose a fine workmanship, smooth sanding, and natural wood gloss. You also need to choose one that has no bad odor. Some combs are treated with dyeing, brushing, and adding spices. Some combs may have an irritating odor or the scent is too strong. You ca n’t choose such a combo. 3 wooden teeth The wooden teeth of the wooden comb are the parts that directly contact the scalp, and the scalp is very fragile, so when selecting, you must carefully select the wooden teeth. Wooden teeth are best to have no sharp points and round heads, so that the scalp stimulation is small, and the contact area is large, which can massage acupuncture points. Some people like sharp-pointed hair, comb it to relieve itching, but it hurts the scalp very much, so it is better not to choose it. The shape of the wood teeth is best round, do not choose angular square teeth, the root of the teeth should not have edges and corners, rounded is better, no harm to the hair. Comparison of wooden teeth 4 solid wood and chisel Some wooden combs are made of a whole piece of wood, and some are fitted with wood. Which one is better? The natural wood is cis-fiber, and the comb made of the whole piece of wood has poor compression resistance and is easy to break. The fitted wooden comb changes the direction of the fiber and is more durable. However, if the fitting technology is not good, the middle will crack easily. Carefully observe when selecting. Mosaic wood comb Precautions Wooden combs need to be cleaned and maintained regularly. Do not immerse them in water for a long time, and do not expose them to high temperatures.
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