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What is a wooden comb

by:Boom Home     2019-12-27
The use of premium boxwood, sandalwood, peach, pear, agarwood, jujube and other natural precious materials, inherits the traditional hand-made combing process, adopts unique processes such as high temperature and high pressure, and combines the unique hand-crafted techniques such as modern tooth polishing. Made. Its color is beautiful and natural, its teeth are smooth and smooth, its shape is unique and its hand feel is excellent. Does not pull hair, does not hurt the scalp, and does not carry static electricity. Long-term use can effectively stimulate the acupuncture points on the head and promote blood circulation in the head. Green daily necessities. ? Green Sandalwood Comb Green sandalwood combs are wood combs made of callus wood grown in Central and South America, which are resistant to drop and deformation. The green sandalwood comb is outstanding because of its physical properties such as natural sandalwood and wood strength. At the same time, it is refreshing and refreshing. At the same time, its nourishing effect on hair has been continuously used by various manufacturers as a material for combs and innovated . At the same time, due to the physical properties of green sandalwood itself, it can have better surface treatment performance and excellent anti-deformation and drop resistance when used as a wooden comb. The green sandalwood comb made is also well received by users. Peach comb Folklore is a mascot that avoids evil and righteousness. Wood is also relatively hard. Boxwood comb Boxwood: Since ancient times, it has been the first choice for combing. According to 'Compendium of Materia Medica' (Vol. 36 of the Ministry of Wood), 'Shizhong Boxwood has no fire', 'its wood is tight and delicate, and it is best for combing, hoeing, and printing.' Modern medicine has found that it contains boxwood (CH18H21N03), which can inhibit the growth of fungi. Natural bamboo comb Traditional craftsmanship. The comb type never deforms; the bamboo's unique natural hardness makes the bamboo comb more durable and more comfortable to comb; the bamboo's unique natural surface makes the bamboo comb surface smoother, more beautiful, and feels cooler and more comfortable. This property is unmatched by any material. Function: No static electricity, can promote blood circulation in the head, and has the effect of health care. Carved wooden comb With a strong Huizhou cultural atmosphere, Yixian County, Anhui Province, carved wood combs in the style of Huipai woodcarving are rare craft gifts and collectibles. The biggest advantage of the wooden comb product is that it has no static electricity, can effectively stimulate acupuncture points, promote blood circulation in the head cortex, can clear the meridians, clear the brain and refresh, adjust blood gas, and has obvious effects on enhancing memory, insomnia, dizziness, and hair loss. Perfect unification with health care type.
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