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What can I do if I can't get my hair curled around

by:Boom Home     2019-12-29
Many girls will find that when their hair is more and more, they will encounter knots, so in this case, if you use a comb to make a strong grooming, it may damage the hair. Today I will teach you how to organize quickly. For many girls, having too much hair and easy knotting is a problem that bothers them, because the dense hair is an essential problem for every girl. Of course, they also want to use some effective methods solve. Then when we encounter more hair and it is easy to knot, we do n’t try to pull the hair apart conveniently and strongly, this will damage the hair, and we ca n’t organize them effectively. Here are a few tips to teach you. These tricks are generally used by us, and are also our usual equipment, which can be satisfied, so it is more convenient. The first little trick is that we need to straighten out the hair immediately after washing it, because in the case of water, our hair has a sense of falling, and it is easier to organize in this case. So, we need to straighten out the hair while it is not easy to knot when the hair is still wet. The second method can be used when our hair is dry, because sometimes our hair is not in the state just washed, and we need to clean up the hair, at this time we can use some hair care oil Come and help us, because some girls have thicker and drier hair, hair care oil can help them comb their hair.
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