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What are the advantages and disadvantages of a

by:Boom Home     2019-12-09
? Bristle refers to bristles of more than 5 cm that grow on the neck and back of the pig. Bristle has the characteristics of even roots, moderate softness and hardness, high oiliness, good toughness, strong elasticity, not affected by cold and heat, not easy to deform, strong, moisture resistance, heat resistance, acid resistance, abrasion resistance, etc. Good performance, so it is suitable for making brushes for various purposes, such as: industrial brushes (textile, papermaking, electroplating, dry cleaning, etc.), paint brushes, cleaning brushes, makeup brushes, medical brushes, etc. It is the main raw material for industrial and munitions brushes. It is a traditional export material of China. The export sales account for about 95% of the world's total bristle trade. It also enjoys a good reputation in the international market and is also an important strategic material. Bristle hair is the closest to human hair, and has various advantages such as not being easily broken and not irritating to the skin. It is regarded as the best and softest natural hair comb material. Bristle combs, also called hairbrushes, were spread to China from Europe and the United States. The highest quality combs in Europe and America are made of bristles. European and American families have long been proud of having a bristle comb. In recent years, domestic bristles combs have gradually increased in quality, ranging from three to sixty-nine, with varying quality. Except for international brands, they rely on personal wisdom. So what are the advantages of a bristle comb? 1. Moisturizing, natural hair care: The scales and hair of the bristle are rubbed against each other through combing, which can evenly distribute the natural hair oil produced by the scalp to the hair tips to form the best natural conditioner, increase the suppleness of the hair, and emit a healthy natural luster. Prevent hair splitting and tearing. 2. Smooth hair: You can close the open hair scales after shampooing or drying to eliminate dry hair! Not only makes hair shiny and soft, but also maintains a smooth feel. 3. Massage the scalp: The bristles are manually trimmed by workers, so that they can comb hair at different depths at the same time. The height of the bristles is more conducive to massaging the hair and scalp, and there are many and dense bristles. The contact area with the hair is wider and fuller, and the massage of the hair follicles is more detailed. It will feel more comfortable when combing the hair. Long-term use can improve hair nutrition, enhance the elasticity of hair roots, and protect the cortex and moisture of the head. For people with scalp oil, combing the bristle hair can better dredge the pores and comb the pore plugs, so that when washing the hair, it can be washed more cleanly and can be used for a long time, which can reduce the production of head oil.
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