Only produce wooden brushes since 2007

What are raw materials for wooden brush production?
Superior materials and modern technology are adopted for wooden brush . The raw materials vary with items. The very first step in a procedure is frequently the most essential. Therefore, manufacturers in this industry pay great attention to raw materials and never spare raw materials. Changes in the quality of the raw materials used in production often result in changes in the quality of the final product.

NingBo Boom Home Co.,Ltd. is a model for Chinese round hair brush manufacturers seeking to become well-known multinational brands. Boom Home's baby hair brush series are created based on unremitting efforts. Boom Homeboar hair brush is manufactured under close scrutinization by the QC team in terms of quality. Especially the sealing, which directly determines the quality of the product, has to be carefully checked and tested. It is small in size and can be conveniently put in the pocket for daily use. Quality and reliability are the basic characteristics of a product. It can serve a useful tool to remove the dead skin.

Boom Home is ready to provide the best service and pet brush for every customer. Please contact us!
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