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wedding day makeup tips and advice by donna kelly

by:Boom Home     2020-02-20
Your wedding will be one of the most memorable days of your life.
You want to use your makeup to add to your natural beauty and make you look and feel beautiful, radiant bride.
Every blush, smile and kiss you have is recorded in the movie, so your bridal makeup needs to look perfect on your big day.
This wedding makeup guide will reduce the pressure on you to plan your wedding makeup.
Wedding Makeup advice: Prepare for your wedding. Unfortunately, many women wait until the divorce ceremony is only a few months before they start thinking about skin care.
Start early and take care of your skin now.
You will need to find out what type of skin you have to do to help you build a proper skin care system.
Combined with good eating habits, plenty of water, plenty of sleep and regular exercise, this will ensure your skin is glowing on a big day.
To help understand your skin type and how to develop a quick and easy skin care procedure, please read the donna skin article;
A simple 4-step skin care guide.
Wedding Makeup Tips: Beware of cosmetic surgery!
Don\'t do it a week before your wedding unless you have regular facial treatments.
Facial care can pull impurities to the surface and you don\'t want to break out during the week of the wedding.
To avoid spots and blemishes, do not make any major changes to your skincare routine in the weeks leading up to your wedding.
A few weeks before the wedding is not the time to try skin care.
If you often do face care a week before your wedding, then your last regular face care is fine.
Wedding Makeup Tips: Acne acne.
Don\'t choose if you do have a breakthrough.
Do not do anything that will provoke, provoke, or amplify the problem.
Use pure aloe vera to treat any bumps or breaks.
This is a great therapist.
Tips for wedding makeup: stay away from too much sunshine.
Don\'t get too much sun before the wedding.
Sunburn, skin peeling and tanning can ruin your special day.
Wedding Makeup advice: do it yourself with a professional makeup artist?
If you have confidence in your makeup, there is no reason why you don\'t make it yourself.
If you are not very confident about your makeup ability, your wedding makeup is not the time of the experiment, you want to look absolutely best in the day, your wedding photo will be a souvenir of your life. Your special day.
If you are not sure about your makeup abilities or just want to make you feel at ease with your makeup, use a professional.
Either way, I\'m sure you\'ll find the following tips and suggestions useful.
Wedding Makeup advice: Something to consider when planning wedding makeup.
You will want your make-up to suit the time and place of the day (
Indoor or outdoor)
Complement the style of your wedding dress, so once you confirm the arrangement of your wedding and decide the style of your wedding dress, you can start to think about the makeup style you like.
Things to consider include;
Wedding in the evening or during the day?
Night weddings are usually more formal than during the day.
At the wedding in the evening, you can consider more exquisite makeup.
Wedding Makeup is often more natural during the day.
Is the wedding indoors or outdoors?
The outdoor light is stronger, so your makeup should be softer and more natural than the makeup for an indoor wedding. The lighting.
Different lighting requires different makeup styles.
Night lighting tends to make makeup dull, so it\'s better to make it better.
Natural and daytime lighting is more generous for makeup, so, again, consider a more natural makeup look.
The color of your clothes.
Ivory and gray White make the skin look softer and therefore support a more glamorous makeup style.
White looks strong and can wash off most of the face, so consider using a softer color to enhance the face.
The style of your clothes.
The stronger the neckline of your skirt, the hair and makeup style will need to match the tailor style.
The neckline that cuts deep and falls off the shoulder looks great, the hair is up so that the lines of the neck and shoulders are shown.
Also consider the length of the skirt, the shorter the skirt, the simpler the hair and make-up.
Remember, you are creating a full picture, don\'t wear beautiful clothes and fashionable high heels, and then make up like a pair of jeans.
On such a memorable day, don\'t sell yourself lightly.
Tips for wedding makeup: Give yourself plenty of time to organize your makeup.
Before you meet a makeup artist or buy any makeup, take the time to browse the bridal magazine and find out what you really like and what makeup style you don\'t like.
Take your bridal magazine cut and wedding photo, book an appointment with a makeup artist, do a trial run or consult at the cosmetics counter.
Don\'t do this at the last minute.
Make sure you have a few weeks so that if you don\'t choose the style and color you like for the first time, you\'ll have time to attend several meetings.
Once you \'ve put your makeup in order, make sure the makeup artist or beauty consultant writes everything out and makes a note of any makeup you may not have.
If you are doing your own makeup, there are a few dry runs before your big day so you have the makeup style and look perfect in advance.
Wedding makeup tip: Be yourself and you want to look sensational, but remember that you want to look like yourself and feel comfortable with your appearance.
You can look great and stay in your comfort zone.
You want your husband to recognize you as you walk down the aisle.
Plan ahead and give yourself time to discover the makeup look you like and feel comfortable.
Wedding Makeup advice: Buy or choose your makeup.
Now that you have decided on your makeup style, here are some tips and suggestions on your specific makeup requirements: Foundation: Finish the foundation in advance.
The key to the success of wedding makeup is the perfect skin.
Make sure your foundation perfectly matches your skin tone and doesn\'t look like a mask.
Give yourself enough time to try and find the perfect foundation for you.
For help with choosing a Foundation, please read the article donna Kumar;
The selection and application Foundation is a simple step-by-step guide.
Wedding Makeup Tips: highlight one of the facial features you know best;
Your plump rose-colored lips, your beautiful eyes, or your lovely bones.
Your makeup should highlight the features you choose.
Don\'t try to highlight more than one feature, it will look too much.
If you use bold red lipstick to highlight your beautiful lips, keep a low profile with eye makeup.
Instead, choose a more subtle lipstick or lip gloss if you choose an amazing smoky eye.
Wedding Makeup Tips: It seems like a good idea to be careful at the time.
Pay attention to fashion;
After 20 years, your wedding photos will be painted with pink lipstick.
You want to look as classic as possible so your photo memory will last forever.
Blush: become a true blushing bride by choosing a warm flattering cheek color in a pink peach or rose, or if you\'re prone to blush, choose a brown hue.
Try and find the blush color that suits your skin tone.
Use powder blush, usually longer than cream blush.
To apply blush, start with the hair line in the middle of the ear, merge forward to the front of the cheek, and then return to the hair line up.
For a perfect app, find an apple-sized blush brush with your cheek.
After the initial application, wipe the blush with some loose powder, then apply more blush on the front of the cheek.
Lipstick or lip gloss: you do a lot of kisses on the day of your wedding, so you need a lasting lip gloss.
Use matte or apply lipstick or lip gloss for a long time because you don\'t want to keep making up during the day.
Be sure to use the color that complements the color of the hair and eyes, and use the lip line of the same color series as lipstick or lip gloss.
Do not use lip lines that are much darker than lipstick or lip gloss.
This technique looks rough and unnatural in the picture.
Buy lipstick or lip gloss and lip line and keep it all day in your wallet.
Wedding makeup tip: If your lips are small, the lighter the color of the lips will be and the fuller the lips will look.
Wedding makeup skills: makeup remover.
Be sure to prepare makeup remover for any accident.
As you know, make-up is not just a wipe, especially a beautiful white wedding dress.
Make-up wipes are a convenient way to keep your makeup removed.
Eyeshadow: to help select and apply eyeshadow, please read the article by donna Kumar;
Beautiful eyes are easy.
Please do not post if you are thinking about smoking eyes;
Step-by-step guide to sexy smoky eye makeup.
Wedding Makeup Tips: eyebrows.
Fitting and shaping the eyebrows helps to enhance facial expressions.
Ask your eyebrows to comb, but do so a week before the wedding in case you have some red bumps after picking or waxing.
If needed, fill the eyebrows with a slightly lighter eyebrow pen shadow than the eyebrows.
Brush through with a eyebrow brush or a clean toothbrush to get a more natural look.
Mascara: For eyelashes that look particularly lush, use mascara before applying mascara.
Prepare for those happy tears with a good waterproof mascara.
Apply two coats and let the first coat dry before applying the second coat.
When you buy waterproof mascara, be sure you have an eye makeup remover that also removes waterproof mascara.
Finishing work: when you finish your makeup, you may want to apply more blush and finish it with a loose powder on the last brush.
Have a great day! !
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