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Very weird? Why must Wenwan brushes use wild boar

by:Boom Home     2019-12-13
A very strange phenomenon in the wenwan circle is that those brushes used by hundreds of thousands and millions of wenwan have you noticed? I'm not afraid of telling you a joke, Wenwan brush uses wild boar mane. We all know that Wenwan brushes can be used for cleaning, coating or coloring. Doesn't the other combs work, why use wild boar mane? The main component of wild boar bristles is protein, which contains more than 20 amino acids. The formed keratin protein has hardness and elasticity, and it is weakly acidic as a whole. Playing is good. And the boar bristles brush can basically run through the entire play process. Cleaning bristle or wire brush: Clean up before playing. For hard textures, it is suitable to use a thicker brush for cleaning. Wire or plastic are good choices. Walnuts and Vajra Bodhi are suitable for this brush, because some depressions are not cleaned. Wherever you go, these hard brushes can be cleaned; Soft and hard bristle brush for plate play: When starting to play, I usually use a brush made of pure wild boar bristles, which has high hardness and oiliness, and can also protect Wenwan when cleaning. However, the cost of a pure printing plate is too high, so some merchants will dope some other ingredients in it, such as plastic, horsetail, etc. This is not as good as pure quality, and it is easy to appear hair loss; Use a soft-bristle brush after packing: Generally, when you play the paste, you will choose a soft-bristled comb or soft boar bristles. At this time, the Wenwan paste has been formed, and then a harder brush can easily destroy the layer of paste, and the brush at this time The effect is only to remove dust from the surface.
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