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Useful Tips For Improving Your Golf Game

by:Boom Home     2020-05-20
When golf was first invented, the people who originally played the game probably didn't have the luxury of choosing between wooden tees and the bare ground. Then someone showed other golfers how much easier it would be to tee the ball up on a wooden stick and have a clean lie before you took a swing. They had no idea manufactured brush tees would be a part of the future and would have such an impact on the game. Brush tees are relatively new in the history of golf. It's a type of tee that mimics the effect of a ball lying atop a nice grassy area in the fairway. If you're a golfer, then you know how good it feels when you approach your tee shot and see it perfectly lifted off of the ground by blades of grass that allow you to make a smooth stroke as you approach the green. Before sweet spot finders were invented, golfers had to rely on their superstitions and guesswork to hope they hit the perfect point and end up with the best shot their swing could deliver. Golfers routinely blame a missed shot on the fact that they didn't hit the sweet spot. Some use this phrase to mean the sweet spot of a golf club, but others know there's a science involved in hitting the right point on a golf ball, also known as a sweet spot. Most sweet spot finders look similar to a miniature version of a ball washer. There's a place to lock in the ball, and then you let the machine spin the ball as it figures out its mass and other scientific details. When the sweet spot finder finishes spinning the ball and evaluating its size and measurements, it positions the ball so that you can take a permanent marker and place a dot where the sweet spot it - right where the gadget tells you to. Can you imagine how much money you'd save, not to mention your sanity, if you could locate those golf balls that are sent spinning into out of bounds areas whenever you hit the links? Golf ball locators are now routinely used on the course by newcomers and veteran golfers who don't want to spend hundreds of dollars a month replacing balls that were sent spiraling off into no-man's land. Sometimes a golf ball can be right in front of your nose and you just can't see it. It might be hiding under a leaf or blocked by your view because of a rock or tree. They're small enough that they get lost all over the course, and a lost ball locator can often be your best friend.
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