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Upcycle Brushless DC Motors From Printers

by:Boom Home     2020-03-22
If you are interested in robots and electronics, you may remove one or two old printers (
If you don\'t, I highly recommend it, there are always interesting parts you can learn a lot about how experts put Electronics
Machinery together).
If you take apart a laser printer, you may encounter a brushless DC motor of varying sizes.
These motors have some advantages and disadvantages and it is clear that it varies between the printer and the motor function inside the printer, but I find most of the time this is the case.
The motor usually has about 5 to 6 input pins and I will go through the process I used to determine which pin is which pin and demonstrate some code to control the motor.
The first step, of course, is to tear down the printer and see what kind of motor you can find.
There are several ways to tell if your motor is a BLDC, not a stepping motor or a brush motorDC motor.
Coincidentally, all the motors I have recycled so far are from HP printers, but I expect the motors from other manufacturers to be very similar.
The motor in this particular specification comes from the HP Color Laser 3000 series.
After some digging, I found that searching for the \"HP Printerservice manual\" on Google always brings some pretty good documents.
The easiest way to find relevant information in hundreds of pages is to search for references to \"motor\" and start there.
In the picture, I have attached some graphs that I have extracted from the service manual.
The control signal is very simple (
I am using 5 v logic and it looks satisfactory)
, This is what I can find by reading documents and browsing the internet.
Keep in mind that there are a wide variety of motors, and some have no speed control or reversal capability depending on their function.
Determining which Pin is obviously the first step is to metabolize any file you can find.
I found it helpful to print out the chart so I can scribble my notes on it.
The next step is to find the 24 v and GND pins.
These should be easy, there is usually an electrolytic capacitor on the power cord, and you can look for the side with stripes to determine which one is negative.
Now that you know what these pins are, you can use the chart to determine the rest of them.
If you don\'t have a chart then I will try to power on the 24/GND pin and pull all the other pins down via the 10 kOhm resistor.
Then go through each one in turn and pull it high (+5V)
Through the 10 kOhm resistor.
Once you have found the pin that makes the motor turn, you will know that you have found it/December.
The next step is to remove a ground pin at a time until you find the pin that stops the motor, which is most likely/ACC.
At this point, we need to involve the micro-controller (
Unless you have a signal generator)
Put the PWM on/ACC and REV and start to control the speed and direction.
In the previous step, we determined that in this step, the following input pins on motorI use MediaTek LinkIt One or Arduino board because all available libraries make it
Since this is not a beginner\'s project, I\'m assuming you know how to upload code to them (
If not, please check the Getting Started Guide).
This code uses the analogWriteAdvanced function to handle the high frequency PWM that my motor wants.
In the past, on the Arduino board, I used the TimerOne library to simplify the PWM settings.
This simple code provides a test interface to connect to the motherboard via a serial connection and you will be able to control the motor by sending the following characters. You know how to control the BLDC motor from the printer and you can start making things.
The torque of the motor is not large, but if you take advantage of the rich gear provided in the printer, then they will definitely be used in small robots, etc.
Color laser printers tend to have four of the same motors, four of the same gears, and it\'s just urgent to turn into a fullwheel-drive robot.
If I build one, you can rest assured that you will see it here!
Please comment if you have any questions and I will try to clarify and I hope we can fully understand how to use these recycled motors.
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