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Trump pitches U.S. arms exports in meeting with Vietnam

by:Boom Home     2020-03-15
HANOI (Reuters)-U. S.
President Donald Trump used a meeting with Vietnamese officials Wednesday before meeting North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to sell U. S. arms exports.
Trump held a second summit with Kim Jong Il in the Vietnamese capital, Hanoi, since his first historic meeting in last June.
After Boeing and General Electric signed agreements with Vietnam Airlines VietJet and Bamboo, Trump said he appreciated the aviation agreements and added that Vietnam has been seeking to buy military equipment from the United States.
Trump said at a lunch meeting with Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Fu: \"I also appreciate that you are looking at most of our military equipment . \" Trump meets with Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phu
\"So far, we \'ve made the best military equipment in the world, whether it\'s jet fighters, missiles, rockets, or whatever you want to name, we\'re doing our best,\" Trump said.
\"So I appreciate your very strong focus on this and I know it\'s the decision you made \".
Vietnam has been one of the world\'s most active arms importers in recent years as China\'s stance in the South China Sea is getting tougher, where neighbors have long been
Competitors claim.
Vietnam has been seeking diversity in equipment and reliance on the Soviet Union.
Age or Russian technology.
The United States announces a complete end to the arms embargo on the old war
Time enemy Vietnam during U. S. visit to Hanoi before May 2016S.
President Obama has paved the way for Hanoi to buy a range of US Treasury bonds. S.
Weapons and military equipment. Immediate big-
Tickets are not expected, but Vietnamese military strategists have expressed interest in the United States in the past. S.
Drones, radar, maybe P-
Moon Orion reconnaissance plane.
On last March, the United States provided six patrol boats to the Vietnam Coast Guard, the latest move to strengthen security relations between the two countries. S.
Aircraft carrier of the same month
Six more patrol boats and one high
The United States provided Vietnam with an endurance knife in 2017.
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