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Top 10 Unusual Stocking Fillers

by:Boom Home     2020-05-21
It's approaching that festive time of year once again when thoughts not only turn to the meaning of Christmas but also on what gifts to purchase for friends and loved ones. Let's face it this does not get any easier as time goes by, and in fact can in some cases get harder each year. Secret Santa is becoming an increasingly popular idea within the workplace and makes for fun office bonding between colleagues at very little cost. To help make the job a little easier of buying for colleagues, friends and loved ones, Temptations Direct has come up with a list of ten of the more unusual and quirky stocking fillers and Secret Santa suggestions that make for unexpected yet fun and practical gifts. The top 10 is as follows: 1. Chocolate Love Drops Kit Perfect for chocolate lovers everywhere, the Chocolate Love Drops Kit consists of dark and white flavoured massage oils , a mini paint brush applicator and a 'how to' guide so that you can be as decadent as you wish! 2. Get Naughty Party Tattoos Ever fancied a tat but too scared to commit to a permanent inking? Well, this pack of 40 temporary is the perfect solution! Apply the tattoo of your choosing to the desired area, peel away the backing and hey presto, you have a totally waterproof tattoo for 2-5 days. These are the perfect accessory to go with any party dress. 3. Shockaholics Shockolate Vault If you are trying to stay off chocolate for a while, this could be the perfect inspiration! Place your stash of chocolate inside the jar and set the timer. If the temptation gets too much and you try to retrieve the chocolate before the timer has lapsed, you get a mild electric shock. 4. Happy Man Bottle Stopper Preserve the freshness of your open wine bottles with the Happy Man Bottle Stopper. With the cork in the shape of a man's appendage, this fun bottle stopper is perfect for plugging bottles. Just pull him out when you're thirsty. 5. Strip Mug Sexy Male Here's one for the ladies! When you pour a hot drink into the special mug, his clothes magically disappear revealing his nether regions which then reverses when the mug cools down. Surely this is more than enough reason to keep having hot drinks! 6. Boys Night Out Card Game Ideal for a night out anytime of the year, an evening in the local pub, a birthday or a Stag do, this pack of 50 cards contains bar room pranks, tricks, dares and challenges to add fun to the proceedings. 7. Shot Glass Ice Moulds Make your own novelty shot glasses by filling the moulds with water and freezing. Fill with your favourite liquor when frozen and your night will be off to the perfect start! 8. Peppermint Posing Pouch Ladies, now you can explore his nether regions like never before when he's wearing a Peppermint Posing Pouch. The minty flavourings add a sensational tingling sensation on your tongue and your partner's bits! 9. Nativity Set Shepherds A must for all collectors of Bad Taste Bears this set of 4 inch long hand painted figurines illustrates one shepherd tucking into a slice of pizza and the other one carrying a star shaped kite while a sheep is getting much more than it bargained for! 10. Complete Bingo Night Eyes down! Whether you care to admit it or not, everyone likes a good game of bingo. The Complete Bingo Night set consists of everything that you need for this 90 wooden bingo balls, a velvet bag, 200 bingo cards, a bingo grid, instructions, menu suggestions, recipes and invitations. As the tension mounts, who will be the first one to shout 'Bingo'?
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