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Toothbrush Machine

by:Boom Home     2020-03-14
Toothbrush Machine®: Because knowing how to build something doesn\'t always mean you should do that.
The week before, I made a toothbrush for a kids show about Electronics as part of the pilot.
Because I like garbage robots, I want to find an excuse to make one for myself.
I posted it on Reddit and some asked for a tutorial so let\'s get started.
I \'ve put everything in place, but I think it would be about $140 for the parts to be added together.
The first thing I did was assemble the robot arm.
MeArm has a very complicated but good tutorial on how to do this.
I skipped the second and third steps, which took you through the Assembly of the base, as well as 18, 19, 20 steps to make grip claws at the end of the robot\'s arm.
We will connect the toothbrush instead of having a claw at the end of the robot\'s arm.
I found the best way through some iterations (
Didn\'t get any extra parts because I was lazy).
To connect the toothbrush to the robot arm, I used the parts in the first picture, they are all left-
Take over of the robot arm kit.
Take the largest part and drill two holes in the brush head
Align with the two top holes.
Fix it with a pointed screw.
Use two screws to attach the collar with the spacer to the part on the toothbrush.
Make sure that the longer spacers are facing away from the toothbrush.
Then connect all the screws to the robot arm with the remaining three screws.
Make a hole in front of the helmet the same size as the servo motor.
There may be a more elegant way to do this, but I used a rig, drilled a small hole along the profile of the servo motor, and then cut it out with a knife.
Then remove the plate from the robot arm and drill holes in the helmet
Align with the hole of the plate.
Install the servo in the position where the motor holder is facing down and place the acrylic square on it.
Two long screws and two nuts are used in two upper holes.
In order to screw the helmet in, I had to cut off some of the insulation of the helmet.
Then put two shorter screws in two lower holes.
It is important that the heads of these screws are inside the helmet, otherwise they will hinder the movement of the robot\'s arms.
Place the robot arm so that the servo Horn at the bottom of the robot arm is mounted on the servo motor connected to the helmet.
Make sure to place the robot arm so you can move the servo motor to the left as far as you can to the right.
Fix it with a small black screw in the MeArm kit.
Now we need to connect the Arduino to the helmet.
If you haven\'t already, install the servo shield to the Arduino UNO.
I just put a broken hair tie between the Arduino and the servo shield and then go through the two holes in the helmet.
Make sure USB-
The Arduino port is facing the back of the helmet.
Pass the cable of the bottom servo motor through the front hole connected to the Arduino and connect it to the pin 7 of the servo shield.
The lower arm servo is then connected to pin 6 and the upper arm is connected to pin 8.
This is the code I wrote for the helmet.
Some calibration may be needed to handle your face.
Because we are all unique.
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