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Tips to Clean And Maintain Wood Flooring

by:Boom Home     2020-05-22
As homeowners it's likely that you'll already know about the advantages that a wood floor can provide to your property; from being aesthetically pleasing to needing little maintenance once they've been fitted into your property. But do you know how to keep your wood flooring sparkling in the summer sunshine without spending hours on your hands and knees scrubbing and polishing? If not then the tips to clean and maintain wood floors below could save you time and help ensure that your wooden floor looks good for years to come. Maintenance: The following pointers will help ensure that your wooden floor maintains its stunning look for the life that it is in your property. 1) If it's natural hardwood that you're using for flooring, make sure that every few years you re-sand and re-varnish the wood using a protective coating. This will help it last for longer. 2) Whether you have natural or faux wooden floors, it's advisable not to walk over it in high heels, as these can cause scratches, chips and dents. It's also sensible not to put heavy goods down on the surface as this can have the same effect. 3) If laid in areas of high traffic (i.e. hallways) or near front/back doors it's advisable to lay floor runners / mats, as these will help collect the dirt and protect the surface. Cleaning: Another way to maintain the look of your wooden flooring along with the above tips is by cleaning the surface on a weekly basis. But cleaning doesn't just mean running the vacuum over it, especially as this can have a more detrimental effect. Instead follow the hints below and your floor will be sparkling in the summer sun in no time. Sweep the wood floor with a soft bristled brush to remove any large clumps of dirt or dust. Using the soft brush attachment, vacuum the floor. Using soft brushes for these first two stages will limit the chances of scratches appearing on the wood. Use a damp cloth or mop and sweep over the floor - be careful not to have too much excess water, as this can get between the gaps and cause problems further down the line. When dry, use a wood polish or wax, and buff the flooring to give it a gleam that sparkles (Extended, mop - like dusters are available to save your back). By following these few simple tips for maintaining and cleaning your wood flooring you'll be guaranteeing that it last longer than your everyday carpet and that it will also look good five years down the line. A well maintained wooden floor can not only improve the look of a property, but it can also help increase its value. So what are you waiting for? Get out those soft bristled brushes and give your floor the attention it deserves.
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