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Tips to Brush Up on Your Packing Skills

by:Boom Home     2020-05-23
Are you having trouble packing for that big move? Do you feel at a loss on how to pack things as they should be? Maybe you just need to brush up on your packing skills. Choosing to do a PBO (packed by owner) is a risk that lots of homeowners are willing to make in order for them to cut down on moving costs. However, many people lack vital packing skills. Hence, damages are prevalent and the shipment of their belongings with the movers becomes a controversial thing. To save yourself from the hassles of disputes later on, Austin Moving Company offers a bunch of helpful packing tips to get you organized and properly pack your things for your move. Start off your packing routine by gathering essential supplies. Get ample supply of boxes, sealable plastic bags, furniture bags, newsprint paper, plastic or bubble wrap, packing peanuts, markers and tape. Make sure that your boxes are sturdy and they are strong enough to support heavy household items. Be in the know that boxes for your household items can come in variety of forms and sizes. Bigger boxes are ideal for light items so you can stuff your comforter, pillows, blanket and stuffed toys altogether. Medium-sized boxes are great for semi-heavy items such as pots and pans and various knickknacks that you've got. Smaller boxes are perfect for very heavy items such as books, bond paper supplies and canned goods. For your plates and glasses, it is best that you obtain dish barrel boxes which are made extra strong to support the collective heavy weight of all your dishes. To start packing a month before you move, Austin Moving Company suggests that you commence packing items and areas that you use the least. This means putting all those Holiday decors in the box first and everything that you've got inside your guest room. A neat trick to keep you organize is to dust off the belongings while you pack so that they come out completely clean and ready for arrangement by the time you unpack. Packing clothes can be quite a hassle especially when you put them on hangers inside your built-in closet. To remedy the situation, get wardrobe boxes so you simply have to transfer the clothes still in their hangers and you don't have to fold them up. Using wardrobe boxes also makes for easy unpacking in your new home. Moreover, you can also leave some of your stuff inside the drawers to save you some packing time and even money by not having to buy more cardboard boxes. Just make sure to put a tape on top of the drawers to secure the contents in place. Finally, make sure that breakables are given proper protection by enveloping them in bubble-wrap or newsprint paper. It's also necessary that you cushion all sides of the boxes with paper and try to shake the box before sealing to determine if it will need more cushioning paper or packing peanuts. This is critical to avoid jostling your items inside during transit. Square Cow Movers 9311 N Fm 620, Austin, TX 78726 (512) 401-6683
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