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Tips For Cleaning Wood At Home

by:Boom Home     2020-05-24
Cleaning wood at home is not a laborious task at all. Wooden flooring needs a gentle cleaning routine, wherein you can use specially formulated cleaning items for a clean floor. Another simple idea for daily cleaning would be to use a simple dry cloth and dust off the grime or dirt. Then with the help of a semi-wet cloth, you will need to clean it gently. The most important thing is to never rub off the flooring or it can cause an abrasion. Wood comes in several varieties and treated wood is generally coated with superficial coats. Painted wood needs easy-handing too. It is quite common to use oil and clean the teak wood as it soaks it well and gives out a pleasant shine. Olive oil is the best remedy for cleaning wood. Also, if you wish to remove the marks on the wood caused due to eating, you can dust some baking soda over the same. Excessive use of water on the wooden furniture must be avoided as it can cause swelling of the wood and later it can lead to bumps and uneven surface, which can mar the surface. Any kind of wood that is oiled cannot be waxed as it will cause flaking and can be an ugly sight for your indoors. Wooden furniture in the garden needs very special care. The wood is generally sturdy but you will need to check for fungus or even other kinds of growth. A soft brush is the handiest way to clean the wood that is painted. Yearly treatment of wood is a necessity and this keeps it in good shape. The kind of polish that is used on wood is very important. Cleaning wicker wood is quite easy with a soft cloth or brushing it with the vaccum.The varnish of good quality can be repeated to restore the style and newness. Cleaning and adding wax can also be a good idea especially for old furniture. The rustic furniture that is displayed with the retro feel does not require much polishing as the style is about the raw look. Most times cleaning has to be supported with gentle care and ease especially while moving furniture. Any damage on wood due to excessive water spillage or leakage requires expert help. Home cleaning tips are certainly very easy to apply. You may also visit a store to know more about cleaning your wood that has altered its look due to dust accumulation or spillage. Maintaining wooden furniture keeps the wood supple and sturdy for a long time.
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