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Three Tips for Buying the Best Doormat for Your

by:Boom Home     2020-05-24
When you're buying a wooden floor, the last thing on your mind is going to be covering it up with a mat. However, this is exactly what you should do. Mats, rugs and particularly door mats will protect the newly installed hardwood floor from getting scratched and scuffed. Over time, and lots of foot traffic, including pets, high heels shoes, children and other environmental disturbances, the wooden floor will suffer. The practical solution for this is getting a doormat for the outside and the inside of your home. The Doormat for a Rural Home It's vital that your rural property or anywhere that there is a lot of mud should be equipped with both an inside and outside door mat and also a boot scraper. This will catch a lot of debris and caked mud before it's traipsed inside. Make sure that the external doormat can withstand extremes of temperature and moisture. Also, if you're really serious about not getting mud on the wooden floors, then invest in a shed for storage of outdoor clothing and gumboots, external to the house. The Best Indoor Doormat The best doormat for the inside of the home will have soft bristles and will only require a simple machine wash to get grime and dirt out of it. It also shouldn't make the wooden flooring underneath of it discolour or fade, when the mat is wet. It's important to not scrimp on a cheaper option, and instead invest in a durable and high quality doormat that will be there for the long haul. If you are feeling particularly precious about your brand new wooden flooring, then it's recommended to make people take their shoes off when they enter the house. This can be both an affront to the family and house guests - so be sure to ''tread carefully''. Doormats for External Patios and Decking Areas Protecting your lovely new wooden decking area is vital after DD Floors have laid the groundwork. Size matters and so try and get the biggest mat that the available space allows. This makes it more likely that people will use it before stepping foot in the house. This will act as a gentle cue for people to remove shoes or wipe them sufficiently. Shorter pile mats tend to have a firmer brush action and are more effective at removing dirt. Any external mats with a PVC matting will have a shorter lifespan as they can't dry out properly. All of these important factors should be kept in mind, and it will mean a longer lifespan for your new wooden flooring.
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