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thor\'s hammer toilet brush

by:Boom Home     2020-03-26
In this note I will show you how I made my toilet brush look like Thor\'s hammer.
One of my colleagues has this idea and I think it\'s great.
I wasn\'t going to post a thing with instructions because I thought the build was too easy, but multiple of my friends told me to post it. So here we go.
I hope you still like it, though it is a little shorter than my usual instructions.
I use this toilet brush because I want to use a toilet brush that is long lasting and can be exchanged for the head.
Of course, you can use any one you like, but make sure the head is not too big;
Otherwise, the hammer must be large enough to hold it.
I used the design in my screwdriver kit.
Start by printing all files.
I built the hammer before I own my Ultimaker, so I have to print the handle in two parts.
I have uploaded two versions of the handle, so you can select the handle you want to print based on your printer size.
The hammer body consists of four parts (2x Runes.
Stl, HammerBody01.
Stl and HammerBody02. stl)
So there is no need to support the structure.
Glue together 3D printed parts.
I used a glue, especially hard plastic, which worked very well.
After that, I used a body filler to close the holes and polish the parts.
To make sure all the cracks are absolutely closed, I used the two layers of thin XTC 3D and polished the pieces again.
To paint these pieces, I used a spray fill primer and then a metal color primer was used by the army painter.
Later I painted the part on the hammer handle Brown.
I want the hammer to look a bit weathered.
So I used some diluted black paint to increase the depth of the pieces as shown in the last two pictures of this step.
After completion, seal with a transparent coat.
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