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The useful of Mane comb

by:Boom Home     2019-12-22
? Mane comb, professional hairdressing tools, bristle needles, 16 rows of needles, cylindrical, wooden handles, anti-static, so that the hair is not damaged by the combing of the hair, can be used for daily combing, especially when blowing hair Commonly used tools for hair stylist, comb length is about 21 cm, mane length is about 9.5 cm. Blend combs with authentic mane that make the show shine. Bristle hair, nylon makes hair easy to comb, mixed mane comb combs bristles and nylon in an optimal proportion. Using it to comb your hair not only makes the hair shiny and soft, but also maintains a smooth feel. The wooden handle is made of high-grade natural wood, which is very comfortable to use. Source and production editor Source: Tooth comb made of pig's soft bristles Production: The mane is classified according to the color of the hair, and the mold hair, tail hair, belly hair, and sundries are removed. Will be selected and classified ? The bristles are moistened with water and fermented for 24 hours to soften the flesh sticking to the bristles. After fermentation, remove the mane from the water, smash the flesh with a wooden board to make it fall off from the mane, wash the mane with water, comb off the dander, shreds, etc. with an iron comb, and rinse it with water , Put it on a sieve for drying or drying, the mane after drying is the hair shop. Then it goes through the processes of flow picking, hand rubbing, binding, and finishing. Can reduce friction between comb and hair. Moreover, the bristles on the comb not only remove dust, but also help bring sebum from the scalp to the hair. These sebum are the best natural conditioners and accessories for the hair. How to use The bristles and nylon were implanted into the comb one by one. Smoothly combs hair and gently massages scalp to accelerate blood circulation. Let you have a healthy and beautiful hair.
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