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The Right Toothbrush For Your Family

by:Boom Home     2020-05-27
Toothbrush and toothpaste are two different things but can not be separated to perform daily dental care and to get a healthy teeth. What is the suitable brush to brush our teeth (do not use random brush but use a special brush for your teeth or better known as a toothbrush). Here will be described one by one starting from toothbrushes and anything that relates to toothbrush and dental health. Toothbrush Toothbrush is a tool for cleaning teeth shaped a small brush with a handle. Toothpaste is usually added to the toothbrush before brushing teeth. Toothbrushes have a various types, from the soft to the coarse bristles, from the small to the large forms, and have variety designs. Most dentists recommend using soft brush. The coarse brush can damage the enamel and make the gums hurt. One way to maintain healthy teeth is by brushing teeth. By brushing teeth regularly, the teeth and oral hygiene will be maintained well also to avoid the formation of holes in the teeth and other gum diseases. Many types of toothbrushes are sold in the market, from the manual to electric toothbrush. Actually, what are the requirements of a good toothbrush? Most important is the toothbrush should have soft bristle brush and we should note the wide of brush head. To be able to reach the back teeth areas, the size of head brush is 35 - 40 mm. It will be better if adults also use the child's toothbrush because its small size will help to reach the deepest part of the teeth. To get the proper dental tools, you should buy in a place that provides dental supply specially. Few tips in choosing a toothbrush: -Choose a toothbrush having a small head so it's appropriate to be used in the oral cavity. For an adult, length of the toothbrush head is 2.5 cm, whereas children 1.5 cm. -The length of the toothbrush bristles should be flat. Brushing teeth with different length bristles can not clean the teeth surface -take your time to visit dental company so that you know about the different kinds of dental tools are most appropriate for your family's dental health care. -The texture of brush bristles should be suitable to be used effectively without damaging the tissue. Do not choose a coarse bristles because can damage the tissue. Bristles are too soft will not be able to clean the plaque perfectly. The most appropriate bristles are a toothbrush with medium stiffness bristle brush. -The handle of toothbrush should be wide and thick enough, so it can be held strongly and well controlled.
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