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The Correct Way to Brush The Teeth

by:Boom Home     2020-05-29
Have a fresh and healthy teeth are everyone's dream. A white, clean, and healthy tooth reflects a person who cares about health and hygiene. When you see someone smiles with white and fresh teeth, surely you will say: 'wow ...., how beautiful the smile!', on the other hand, if you have white and fresh teeth, then surely you will feel confident to smile to everyone by showing off the beauty of your teeth. If today you are looking for various tools to complete your dental health needs, then do not hesitate to contact the dental company that provides a complete facilities for all your dental health needs. I believe that you are diligent to brush your teeth twice a day, but why there is still a problem? Here is the way to maintain a healthy teeth and gums that can make your teeth fresh and healthy. First, choose a soft toothbrush The best advice about dental treatment from David Kennedy, a dentist and author of How to save your teeth, is to choose a good toothbrush. Choose a soft toothbrush and the furs of brush have a rounded tip. To be softer, firstly wet the toothbrush with hot water before use. Replace the toothbrush every two months. For the lovers of healthy teeth, the dental products which have a high quality and complete product variations will make you comfortable in determining the best options for your teeth. Second, Brush your teeth thoroughly 'Brush your teeth at an angle of 45 degrees gently. Brush at the roots of the teeth by rotating. Make sure that the toothbrush to brush all the tooth surfaces', said David Biles, a dentist in Santa Cruz, California. Do not forget to brush on the tongue and palate. These two places are the favourite place of bacteria in the mouth. Third, brush your teeth as often as possible and as long as possible 'At least, brush your teeth for 2 minutes and 3 times a day,' said Stanley Dintcho, a dentist from San Francisco, USA. 'You should brush your teeth as often as possible because the bacteria grow exponentially,' he added. In other words, for 1 hour, one bacterium divides into 16 bacteria that cause cavities in the oral cavity. Fourth, do not forget to use floss Use a soft and clean floss to clean in between teeth. You need dental supplies to get dental floss and other equipments to maintain your dental hygiene. Fifth, Choose healthy foods for the teeth Sugar and fat will make the oral cavity become a comfortable place to live for the bacteria, said Victor Zanies, a dentist from New York City, USA. Therefore, we must reduce sugar and fat. Instead, multiply the fruits and vegetables that contain high fibber. Teeth, as a part of our body, will be 'happy' because they were given those foods.
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