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The best way to heat up your home for less this winter

by:Boom Home     2020-03-15
You don\'t have to buy the most expensive heater to stay comfortable this winter --
A comparison shows that a $34 model is doing very well.
The Herald on Sunday looked at a series of tests by New Zealand consumers to find the country\'s best wood burners, heaters and heat pumps.
The independent watchdog tests a variety of different heating options for various brands to find the most efficient and economical heating system.
Using a double-
According to a range of criteria, consumers find out which heating systems are the best, including the speed at which they heat the room and the degree of uniformity in the distribution of heat.
Consumers find that heaters with fans are the best way to warm small living areas quickly and evenly.
There is no fan heat on the ceiling, and there is no circulation, resulting in Cold Feet and hot head.
The best consumer performance is Dyson hot and cool AM05, which cost about $699.
The room is heated very quickly with a fan and tilt switch.
Its second top performer, Dyson hot and cool AM09, sells for more than $700, but for those who don\'t have most of the money for heating, clicking CDL01D also becomes the top 10 for consumers, the price of about $34 is a major theft.
However, it does not have a fan or tilt switch.
The Goldair gct50 is the third most effective heater, which costs about $200 and is equipped with fans, timers and tilt switches.
For larger areas or open houses, heat pumps are a more efficient and economical way of heating, but it is important to choose the right heating method according to the size of the heating area, consumers say.
They provide an online calculator for people to calculate how much heat output is needed in different spaces. Single-split air-to-
The Air model is the most common type of heat pump in New Zealand.
The two big gold models, ftxz25ypb and ftxz35ypb, are the best performing models for consumers.
They were found to provide an overall top performance and excellent energy efficiency for their scale.
Woodburners is another permanent option for home heating.
People living on properties below 2 hectares need to install wood burners that meet the national environmental standards (NES).
Models that meet these criteria are also known as clean air or urban models.
Most wood burners in the consumer database are NES-
This means that their emissions are 1.
5g/kg or less with a minimum efficiency of 65.
However, for people living in the rich Bay, Hawke Bay, Nelson, Canterbury or Central Otago, the emission rules may be more stringent.
Tropicair Duo woodburner is allowed to use even in the most stringent emission zones, with an average installation cost of $4725, making it the best performing product for consumers.
Its efficiency and emissions performance are excellent.
The price of Metro ECO Tiny Ped is only a small fraction, with an average installation cost of $1199.
Consumers have found that while the independent woodrunner does not comply with strict emission rules, it is still very efficient.
Consumers have released a free online guide to home heating, which can be downloaded here.
NEW Zealand consumer technology writer George block says creating a warm, dry home in the cold months depends on a system that combines heat insulation, ventilation, moisture removal and heating.
When it comes to heating components, the best option is to have a fixed heating system such as a heat pump, central heating or a wood burner.
He begged the landlord to install fixed heating in their rent, saying that most tenants still rely on portable heating with lower operating efficiency and higher cost.
\"The insulation works fine, but what\'s the point if there\'s no heat in the house?
Auckland Council of ecology
Design consultant Adrian Feasey said in the winter that it was all about keeping the family at the \"magic number\" of 18 degrees Celsius \".
Houses above 18 degrees Celsius can make people healthier and reduce the chances of respiratory diseases.
Proper insulation and good heat sources are important, but smaller measures can also help, such as lining curtains and placing a crust under the house.
Feasey says a row of curtains extends all the way to the floor and closes as close as possible at the top, which will prevent the heat from escaping so easily.
Any hardware store has black polyethylene, which can be placed on the soil under the house with gaps and prevents moisture from rising from the ground to the house.
Jason Bell, general manager of goods at Noel Leeming, said dehumidifier is the best
Sales of heating related products in Auckland area.
\"While technically the dehumidifier is not a heating product, it can take away the moisture in the room and make other heaters more efficient.
He said: \"Heating products tend to be an impulse when the temperature drops.
\"Price is definitely a key factor in purchasing decisions.
Interestingly, we noticed growth in the medium term.
On the first floor of this year, the price of the oil column heater is $150-
The $250 range proved popular.
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