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The (almost) COMPLETE Guide to Electric RC Cars

by:Boom Home     2020-03-13
Hey guys, I\'m back to make the final note. . .
Or at least the last one.
I \'ve been interested in RC cars recently and I didn\'t know much at first, basically nothing.
I decided to help others by sharing everything I have learned in the past year.
By the way, I appreciate the positive comments as it is still a work in progress.
I will add it in more time per week, most of which are related to comments.
Thanks for your help :)
Look at my own snow machine!
These are one of the biggest brands to buy rc cars.
I know there are a lot more, but these seem to be the most popular.
Traxxastraxas cars are fast, durable and of high quality.
If you buy one of them, you rarely need to replace the damaged or worn parts.
However, these cars and trucks start at about $300 and do not always include battery packs and chargers.
Purchase access www. traxxas.
More than all of this, it is the cheapest to exceed the car, but they often need spare parts and a fairly high level of maintenance.
I own an exceed so I can personally tell you that you can only get exceed if you don\'t want to spend a lot of money and you are willing to pay $10 for shipping every time you have a few dollars
The car starts at $90 and the quality of most parts is good.
Purchase access www. nitrorcx.
ComHPIHPI cars are not so popular, mainly because they are as expensive as Traxxas, but not as good as Traxxas in quality.
I have nothing to say about them other than what I have read, they have high quality parts and don\'t need a lot of replacements.
Purchase access www. nitrorcx. comor www. hpiracing.
Comtemamiya is a classic remote control car brand.
They have been making good cars for more than 30 years.
I have about 1984 locusts or so, but actually it\'s really good.
I have never broken a part of it and I have been driving it for a year.
Their starting price is about $200, but due to the classic \"low-Tech\" designs.
Purchase access www. tamiya.
ComTeam Association is coming soon, with about 5 models.
I won\'t explain too much about everything because they look fairly simple.
These are ordinary street cars.
They are the fastest and best on laid flat surfaces.
Don\'t get this if you want to drive in the backyard or want something more powerful.
Drifting cars are like-
A road car with smooth tires.
You can go around and still be as fast as on-road car.
They are good if regular cars bore you, but you like to drive fast.
However, it is very difficult to drift, so pay attention to it.
Buggybug is the cross between off-road and off-road cars.
They are the second fastest on the road, but usually the slowest off-road due to low wheelbase.
For those who can\'t decide what type of car they want, the stroller is good because they can use it at the same time.
TRUGGYTruggies is also a cross-border car like a children\'s car, but more for off-road.
It basically needs the frame of a carriage and installs monster truck tires on it.
These are the fastest 3rd kilometers on the road, the slowest 2nd kilometers.
Truck is your monster truck.
They are amazing off-road but very slow on the road.
They can flip a lot when trying to turn at high speed, so these are not the best roads and you should get them if you want to drive in the woods or on the grass.
Now that you know the brand and type of rc car, it\'s time to decide whether you want to use an electric car or a Nitro car.
Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of each.
Cheaper \"cleaner\" and less maintenance
Home users speed up faster in a generally limited run time and need to wait a few hours to charge the battery. my opinion)
Buying a car is a little more expensive and more complicated (
More can go wrong)
There are two different types of Rc motors.
Brush and brush.
Each motor type has its own ESC type (
Electronic speed controller.
Without esc, your motor does nothing when you want to drive, or runs at full speed.
The price of the brushed motor is cheap, but the efficiency is not high, and the power is also very low.
ESC is also cheaper.
The brushless motor has high efficiency, powerful function, fast speed and long duration.
Brushless motors and ESC do not have a real expiration date, while brushed usually lasts for about 6 months to 1 year.
The main visual difference between the two is that the brush is completely sealed and has three wires, while the brush has ventilation holes and two wires.
You have a few options if you want to buy a brushless motor.
First of all, choose your brand.
Hobbytron is the cheapest.
There are also Mamba Max and rattlesnake, but the price is a little more expensive.
If you are upgrading from a brushed car, you should buy a combination that includes a brushless motor, a Brushless ESC, and usually a programming card so you can change yourie.
Brake force, initial punch, low pressure cut-off, etc. ).
Depending on the size and some other variables, these costs are usually between $70 and $200.
A good place to buy cheap brushless combinations is www. nitrorcx. com.
There are a few other places, so Google it and see if you can find something cheaper.
The motor ratingbrusless motor has two labels, one is large, the back is \"kv\", the other is smaller, and the back is \"t \".
Basically you need to check the esc for that motor and then read it a little bit.
It will tell you that the numbers followed by \"t\" are good for your use.
So if you want to get it on the road you will want more \"t\" but you will get less \"kv \". On-
Across the road.
KV represents the amount of rotation per minute per volt.
So the bigger the number, the faster your car will be.
If you want your car to travel off-road, just make sure you get the correct \"t \".
For example, my brushless motor is 6000kv 5.
5 t brushless combination.
I checked ESC and it says you need to be greater than or equal to 5.
5 t is on the road, greater than or equal to 8. 5t for offroad. I got an on-
So I can drive fast. about 45mph).
You can buy 4000kv 8 if you want to go off-road.
5 t motor, 35 miles per hour but more power.
If there\'s anything you don\'t understand here.
I \'d be happy to help.
This is the basic layout of more than 1/10 rc cars and trucks.
It has all parts of other brands, but other brands have different things in different places. .
Most of the time, they bring batteries when you buy a car, but some people may not.
If this happens, you may face the option of LiPo or Ni-Mh.
The LiPo battery pack is the battery of the future and can be invested if there is a chance.
For another $10, you can get a battery pack that will not only provide longer running time, but also more power.
They also don\'t lose their fees over time. Ni-
Cheaper and safer Mh batteries (
LiPo battery may explode if properly charged)
But they are not worth it in the long run.
In the long run, spend more money and save a lot of money.
The rated capacity of the LiPo battery is two numbers, while the Ni-
There is only one rated capacity for Mh. The mAh of the battery pack is the capacity of the battery.
The bigger the better.
Only LiPo has a rating of \"c\", which is basically how fast they can provide power.
Most battery packs are 20-
But you can find some 5000 mAh 50c battery pack (
Those are expensive; ~$50)
Even the 8000 mAh 50c battery pack (around $100)but BE CAREFUL! !
Make sure you have a battery pack for your car! !
Some battery packs are bigger!
There are battery packs on www. nitrorcx. com and www.
Small cheap. com(or google it)
Make sure you buy a battery pack with the correct connector or you will have to buy a connector from www. ebay.
About $4 if you buy an rc car. That\'s how you should pick it, pick an answer and go to # in brackets #.
If there is a hyperlink in the brackets, click on it, this is the car that works best for you. (Note.
I only include 1/10 rc cars.
These are \"standard\" sizes but can be scaled down at will (1/16)or larger (up to 1/5)1.
I want a family friendly car and I can drive right away when I want it (2)
I want a slightly faster car but don\'t mind spending more time preparing for it and more money (11)2.
I want a durable car and would like to spend more money. 3)
I want a cheap car that might be bad in the future. 7)3.
I want an SUV. 4)
I want a driverless car. 6)
I want something in. 5)4.
I want an express train. E-
Maxx, Slash_VXL, orStampede_VXL)
I want a slower but cheaper car.
Summit, Slash, stampede
Ora Maxx, Tiangong)5.
I want an express train. E-
Revo_Brushless, Rustler_VXL, Bandit_VXL)
I want a slower but cheaper car. E-
Levo, rosterer, robber or Tian Gong)6.
I want an express train.
Open the brushless HPI-
Road or drift car)
I want a slower but cheaper car.
Open the brushed HPI
Road or drift car)7.
I want an SUV. 8)
I want a driverless car. 9)
I want something in. 10)8.
I want an express train.
Gathering monsters or explosivesPro)
I want a slower but cheaper car.
Gathering monsters or explosives)9.
I want an express train.
Champion_Pro or Drift_Star_Pro)
I want a slower but cheaper car.
Champion or drid_star)10.
I want an express train. Sunfire_Pro)
I want a slower but cheaper car. Sunfire)11.
If you want a Nitro car, you can only do it yourself. sorry.
Look, I know there are more options for each section, but I just want to give everyone an idea of what the car they want might look like, etc.
There are more cars you can buy than I listed so please understand. You\'re all finished.
Now study the car that fits your style and find out which one to buy.
It\'s also smart to study simmilar cars.
Just remember what you want in the future.
I made this mistake and now I have to pay more for the maintenance of my car.
I would definitely recommend that you buy a full set of extra tires for your car and buy some CA glue on the day you buy an rc car and that minute.
The tires are worn quickly so be prepared.
I highly recommend that you invest when buying a car and getting a high quality car.
I assure you that it will pay off in the long run.
I know from experience that I believe in about a2-
For 3 years, no matter the quality, the money spent on most cars and spare parts will be about the same.
Don\'t be stingy. . .
Unless you\'re under 18.
If you are not sure about the car you want to go to, there are a lot of forums about the specific car you might want.
Please study it first before you buy, I don\'t want someone to cry at me because I said they should get the car and they hate it.
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