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The Advantages of Using a Mason Pearson Brush

by:Boom Home     2020-05-31
Mason Pearson brushes have been in existence since 1885, and have remained a very popular brand. Their bristles are made of nylon and boar, and are designed to even distribute sebum, which, in turn, makes the hair shiny and strong. Though Mason Pearson hair brushes are on the expensive side, they are well worth the cost. There are several advantages to using a Mason Pearson brush. They are gentle on your scalp which makes them comfortable to use. Also, because the sebum is evenly distributed over the scalp, it does not build up on one place and allows the hair to remain shiny and healthy. The nylon and boar bristles are soft, yet strong enough to brush out all the tangles and keep hair soft and smooth. Mason Pearson brushes are also hand-made and designed with the finest of hair care in mind. Mason Pearson hair brushes are also great for getting tangles out of curly hair. Gradually get out tangles without hurting the scalp. The boar bristles are the same hardness as actual hair, so don't cut or break your hair when in use. The nylon bristles are softer than the hard plastic bristles contained in many other commercial hair brushes on the market. When using the brushes that contain both types of bristles, the nylon bristles touch the scalp, while those made of boar help to detangle the hair. Since the nylon bristles are soft, they do not scratch or rub the scalp in an uncomfortable way. The bristles are slender and are mounted in rubber matting connected to the body of the brush. The rubber matting makes the brush softer and gentler on the scalp. Mason Pearson brushes also clean the hair as it is brushed. Depending on hair type, grease and dry flakes are removed with each brush stoke to the hair. The larger Mason Pearson brushes come with a brush cleaner that removes all dirt and debris taken from the hair by the brush. For smaller brushes it is possible to purchase a brush cleaner separately, and this is recommended to keep the brush clean and in good working order. These luxurious hair brushes are quality items that aren't mass produced and are still overall handmade. They might be considered quite pricey, but you will not need to replace them for years if they are properly cared for and cleaned on a regular basis. I myself have only ever used Mason Pearson hair brushes and though in my thirties, I have only ever owned three of them - a child sized one, a popular (a MP brush size) one, and a popular one to replace the previous popular brush that got lost. If hair care is important to you, consider purchasing a Mason Pearson hair brush. They are not used for just brushing the hair, they clean, condition and maintain healthy hair with no extra effort than using any other hair brush. The also make wonderful gifts for any occasion. When you purchase a Mason Pearson hair brush, you will be making an investment in a product that will last a long time as well as care for your hair without breaking it off. You can also reduce split ends by using this very durable hair brush. The combination of boar and nylon bristles aren't as damaging as those made by other harder materials such as plastic, therefore, don't extract unwanted hair from the scalp when in use. If you are looking for a brush that will last you over time, be gentle on even the most tangled of hair, and provide you with a comfortable, yet necessary accessory, Mason Pearson hair brushes are right for you. Purchase one as your next step toward shiny, healthy hair. You can find more information about this topic and Mason Pearson products by visiting
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