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Teach you how to know all kinds of different brush specs-Picture of brush

by:Boom Home     2019-08-26
The variety of brush specifications and varieties is rich and colorful, but rich and colorful can not be enough to describe the brush. the brush belongs to a fan word, including industrial brush and civil brush, all kinds of cleaning brush tools, by. . . teach you how to recognize the diversity of various brush specifications

brush specifications colorful, however, the rich and colorful brush can no longer be described as a model, including industrial brush and civil brush, various cleaning brush tools, and after long-term development and innovation, the difference in brush specifications reflects not only the difference in appearance, but more importantly, the use of the brush is different. in different situations and different environments, you can choose the brush specifications that meet your own.

among hundreds of brush specifications, the company chose to produce small household appliance cleaning brush from fine dust-free brush, this kind of small brush has good resilience, which is essentially different from other cleaning brushes. it has a small appearance style and can clean some smaller gap brushes, clean small household appliances in various formats. many electrical manufacturers choose this brush to match the product specifications. This kind of small brush with specifications and sizes is made of new raw materials and can be recycled many times. The handle material uses PP plastic, and the bristles are made of nylon brush silk, which is characterized by good elasticity, wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance and high temperature resistance.  

There is also a common brush specification product that is a strip brush specification. one type of strip brush has anti-static properties, and the size and size of the anti-static strip brush are also very different, one of them is called an anti-static horizontal handle brush. its scope of use includes surface dirt cleaning of SMD and PCB boards. the static electricity drawn from the working object can be safely discharged back to the Earth. The main form of anti-static brush is the bristles made of handle made of conductive plastic or metal materials, anti-static plastic wire, wire, animal hair, etc. This kind of brush product has the advantages of reliable and stable anti-static effect, convenient use and easy operation.

through the introduction, we have a new understanding of the rich brush specifications, however, this is only the scale of brush size , and more knowledge requires us to keep learning through careful observation of life.

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