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Symphony in electric toothbrush with earring minor

by:Boom Home     2020-02-25
Sean Baxter said that our perception of what music is and what noise is learning behavior, which is likely to hear Beethoven\'s voice, like hearing music with an electric toothbrush, put it on a pulled-out electric guitar.
The impromptu trio of Pateras/Baxter/Brown played at Mona Foma, two of which were Sean Baxter and David Brown, who held a workshop on non-improvisation and
The traditional way of music.
David Brown used a range of items, from earrings to electric toothbrushes, to make a musical sound on the electric guitar that unplugged the power, saying, as an acoustic instrument, its range is larger than the traditional guitar.
Baxter and Brown both said that we were taught how to listen to music, and that their goal was for the audience to open their ears and hearts in a new way of \"listening\" to music.
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