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Star Creation With New Attraction! Hyundai Accent 2011

by:Boom Home     2020-06-03
All New Hyundai Accent has now taken its competitive wheels with the most competitive price bracket of Rs 5, 01,900 to Rs.5, 59,400 in today's fast paced environment of India. There is a saying which is being most familiar to everyone i.e. everything is fair in love and war. But nowadays only the competition is to be found everywhere and love is hardly to be found. Everyone is racing against time to mark their remarkable presence in their working sphere. Hyundai Motors is also among them which are already being on the edge of legacy in Indian Automotive Industry. Its creation bespeaks their worthiness at every performing sphere. Japanese Technology is very well known for its dexterity across the world. In the concern of Hyundai Accent we can also say that it's being flourished with expertise mechanism and aesthetic appearance and now once again get re-energized to overturn newly mushroomed rivals across the country. About 12 years have been passed to its launch and since, it has stood strongly to face the competition and to win. In overseas market also Hyundai Accent has gathered good crowd of its admirers but with different name-tag as Hyundai RB and also with selfsame Indian identity i.e. Hyundai Accent. Its makers have placed its individuality slots beneath its sibling Hyundai Verna which has recently experienced new brush up with all excellence. Thereafter, Verna has received good response from its users that's quite amazing because since long it's struggling to mark its reputation in automotive segment. The expert hands of Hyundai Motors don't feel to revamp its mechanism as it's still performing at good extent. So, what actually New Hyundai Accent gets is that improvised designing cues with all attractive appealing. Now it has got touch up of smartly designed premium looking front grille that is also being chrome finished to sprinkle shine to its aura. Also chrome seasoned license plate attracts you eyes at once and there is body colored side moldings are glued to its exterior as refreshing essence of looks. As interior concerned, there is no changes have been made to its spacious cabin as it still having same power windows, wooden finished interiors, leather wrapped steering and gear lever and rear defoggers. On performance aspect, Accent 2011 is having same mechanism of 1.5 liter 4-Cylinder SOHC Power-train for both of its CNG and petrol mechanism with the same capacity of power and torque generation. Its engine swiftly produces the power of 94 BHP with the torque of 123 NM.
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