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Selection and use of dog shavers

by:Boom Home     2019-12-20
? Friends who have had dogs must shave their own dogs. I ’ve been shaving my dogs with scissors. It ’s very laborious. I do n’t get it for less than an hour at a time. Dogs are not humans, and they are not picky. If they were humans, would they not quarrel with me every day? Later, I bought a dog shaver on the market. This helped me a lot. With a dog shaver, I no longer have to work hard to shave my dog, and my efficiency has increased by half. Many more. Let me introduce the packaging and usage of dog shavers. First, the use of dog shavers 1. The first step is to plug in the power supply. The wire socket should be placed in a suitable place, not far or near. 2. When shaving your dog's hair, use a small comb to make it look better. Cleaning up dog shavers 1. After using the dog's shaver, remove the blade and wipe it clean with cotton cloth. 2. After installation, put the dog shaver back into the box. Do not throw it away, to prevent it from being damaged. Generally cats don't need to shave very much, so in most cases it is dogs. Because dogs have a lot of exercise, long coats will increase their hotness in the summer. So many owners will shave their dogs in the summer. In fact, as long as we master the method, we don't need to take the dog to the pet shop to shave, and we can operate it ourselves, but we must understand how to use the pet shaver before operating. One of the first issues we must pay attention to when using pet shavers is not to get too close to the skin when shaving. Because the razor itself is still sharp and the coat of the dog is relatively long, it is easy to shave the skin if you shave directly against the skin. So start with some distance from the skin. It should also be noted that when shaving, it is best to turn off the shaver for a while. Because the shaver is always working, the blade will become hot. If the shaver is kept working, the temperature of the cutter head will be relatively high. If you accidentally touch the dog's skin, it will cause the dog to feel pain and refuse to shave. Also pay attention to some operations when shaving, for example, it is best to do it from the back when shaving feet. This is safer and the dog will not be too resistant. When shaving the abdomen, it is best to find another person to straighten the dog's body, curled together to easily shave the skin. Also be careful not to shave your dog's nipples. In addition, do not forget to trim the hair around the anus and the soles of the feet. After shaving, take a bath for the dog, then blow dry it, and then trim it.
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