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run brushless motor by arduino + l298

by:Boom Home     2020-03-22
This manual will show how to run a DC brushless motor (taken from HDD)with H-
Bridge l298 takes out the DC brushless motor from the damaged hard drive.
This motor has 3 output lines.
The next step will show how it runs the rotating part of the brushless motor (called rotor)
Run without any electrical contact.
This will allow it to run in the high-speed statistics section (called stator)
The rotating magnetic field will rotate the rotor 1 phase, and the coil head will be green (+)
The coil blue is (-).
The sum of the magnetic fields of these two coils will make the total magnetic field direction as shown in the figure
> Make the rotor rotate in this direction and stop here.
In the second stage, the red head of the coil is (+)
The coil blue is (-).
Similarly, the total magnetic direction shown in the figure
> Make the rotor rotate in this direction and stop here.
In stages 3, 4, 5, 6, it will rotate the rotor by 1 turn.
Three pairs of resistors are connected to the head of the coil green, blue, red-
> These transistors will be turned on/off synchronously to rotate the magnetic field (
As described above)Half of H-
The bridge is used as a pair of transistors.
Inside the L298 IC, can be from this H-
To another H bridge. BridgeConnect H-
Bridge of motor and Arduino (Pro Mini)
As in the picture, this is my result connection. The code will implement the pattern shown in the figure, which will power each coil as in step 2. The whole code of Arduino is here (Google share)
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