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robot named after tiger woods makes hole-in-one at phoenix open as fans shower the green in beer cups... 19 years after its namesake hit his own ace on same hole

by:Boom Home     2020-03-19
A robot named after Tiger Woods, after imitating one of the golfer\'s greatest moments, plunged thousands of fans into a frenzy --in-
One of the most noisy holes in the golf course.
In the first season of his career, he was 21. year-
Old Woods topped the bar
The third 16-hole in Scottsdale, Arizona, was surrounded by up to 20,000 fans during the annual Phoenix Open.
Woods waved his fists wildly to celebrate, and the crowd in the stands frantically witnessed the emergence of real sports.
Today, 19 years later, robotsnamed LDRIC (
Although known as a tiger, Woods\'s name is Eldrick)-
Repeat this feat on the famous 16 th in pro-
I\'m ahead of the tournament.
The fans went crazy again, cheering and bathed in green in beer cans. LDRIC (
Robot Intelligent circuit representing the direction of transmission)
Created and owned by Gene Parente, owner of Golf Lab
The robot is widely used in the golf industry to test new club technology and can swing the club perfectly, as evidenced by the wonderful footage on Wednesday.
The robot can also replicate the mistakes of ordinary golfers when they swing, create terrible hooks and slices, and bother weekend players around the world, club manufacturers can develop clubs that are more tolerant of bad shots.
According to the golf lab, the robot is driven by a \"state-of-the-art DC Servo Motor.
The speed range of the machine is from 0. 1 mph (for putters)to 120 mph (for drivers).
Using less than half the maximum power of the motor recorded the club head speed of 120 mph.
It can swing pitching wedges at speeds of more than 100 miles per hour.
At the same time, Woods averaged about 8 miles per hour for his driver, although it is said that when he was in his teens, the speed was about 30 miles per hour.
Scottsdale\'s 16 th has become an institution for the PGA Tour, thanks in large part to Woods\'s own historical record in 1997.
Fans flocked from nearby Arizona State University.
The alma mater of stars such as Phil Mickelson and Paul Casey --
As we all know, during the Phoenix Open, they will spend a whole day watching the game while drinking beer.
When Woods broke the holein-
There, the stands around the whole hole today are not there, but it has gained a reputation for the biggest sound hole in the golf course.
Thousands of people crowded in the hole, waiting to see if the prodigy was the only one he was cracked, and he was just 21 a month ago.
Woods took care of the pressure and hit him nine points.
Iron is pure, watching it fly towards the target, 152 yards away that day.
When he hit the ball, the crowd roared happily and didn\'t even know what was going to happen next, which was the frenzy around Woods at the time.
He won three games in the first nine games of his American career, creating a storm as a black man in a sport that was still mostly white and rich at the time.
Woods\'s ball flew to the ball nail at a very fast speed, but after a rebound, it fell perfectly into the ball hole. He started a crazy celebration on the ball seat.
High after the fist pump
When the fans around him jumped into the air, he hugged five.
As Woods went green, he pushed his palm up into the sky, saying that the crowd should \"lift the roof\" and they were obliged in due course to throw beer into the air and on the court.
This has now become a tradition of 16 holes, every player is judged by 20, 00 fans, and now they look forward to the hero in Woods\'s way every day.
When a player misses Green or is disappointed with a bad shot, he is booed severely.
When the bird putter is the Sun, the crowd will roar like in a football match and the players will celebrate.
When LDRIC hid his footage, the crowd was no exception, cheering loudly and then bathing Green in a beer can.
But despite LDRIC\'s best efforts, Woods\'s shooting is still the best option.
Not only did he overcome the human error and achieve his own feat, but on the day of 1997 he only completed a swing.
On the other hand, LDRIC manages his holein-
After five attempts. Still, the 14-
The big time winner has already made 19 holes. in-
He has only one in his entire career.
There is no player, even a great player like Woods, who can beat Ledrick --rate ofa hole-in-
One for every five swings.
What Woods will give us now, just to be able to swing, let alone celebrate a hole --in-one.
The greatest golfer of his generation.
Can be said to be forever
In recent years has been plagued by injuries, and in the last few months, after a second serious back surgery, there is currently no way to do more than walking.
Whether the robot bought a round of drinks in the bar is a habit after a hole --in-One is unknown.
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