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Repair of The Roof

by:Boom Home     2020-06-07
Humidity and atmospheric factors are the main reasons that cause premature aging of the construction of houses. Of these effects is the destruction of stone and concrete details, metal corrosion and decay of wooden structures. In order to avoid complicated and expensive work to replace the retired parts of the house down, you need timely and regular preventive maintenance and repairs. Fundamentals of roof repair It is best to repair the roof in the warm season. To repair the roof using the same materials as in its manufacture, but sometimes use other materials. Any of the materials used to repair the roof should be inspected and sorted. Roofing material having defects can not be used. It can be used only to cover an area. In this case, it is cut into pieces of desired size, thus removing the defective parts. In the roof of any material most quickly become useless hills, as it is for them the longest-delayed moisture. Therefore, slopes must be carefully covered and repaired. It is desirable to cover them beneath the supplementary material. For this purpose the most commonly used roll materials (asphalt, roofing felt, roofing). gutter heaters In winter, with snow roof must be removed by a scraper. By scraper should nail a strip of rubber. For corrugated roof board must drank at the waveform sheets. In summer, the roof must annually obmetat soft broom to remove dust and dirt, which retain moisture and accelerates wear of the roof. On the northern slopes of the roof Lichens often appear, leading to a decrease in the life of the roof.They should be completely removed with any sharp objects or steel brush. During roofing work must be careful and take steps to ensure their safety. Work on the cover is very dangerous. You should try to eliminate damage to the attic. If this is not possible, make sure you are working with a security belt and not one, but with a partner, who must keep track of the belt clip to the ridge home. How long is the repair of asbestos-cement without (slate) roof. If necessary, replace only the broken plates. They must take care not to damage nearby. It is better to bite the pliers head nails. When spare no asbestos-cement sheets, instead of them, you can temporarily put the roof or roofing material steel. Repair of the roof of slate To repair the roof of slate (cracks, spalling and small, etc.) now has been extended a simple and reliable way to repair, after which the roof is living up to 10 years. To repair the roof in this way will need the following materials: PVA glue, cement grade 300 and above, asbestos fluff and water. When you can not buy fluff asbestos, then on a fine grater for vegetables, rub sheet asbestos. Repair mixture is prepared in small portions at 2-3 hours. Mixed 2.1 parts (by volume) of cement with 3 parts of asbestos fluff and diluted white glue, diluted 1:1 with water. Repairing the mixture should have the consistency of sour cream. Before repairing the roof at first obmetayut, clearing the land, listed the land, covered with lichen, etc. Then wash the roof with water from a hose. Especially thoroughly cleaned (using a stiff brush) areas with cracks. After drying, the roof primed with white glue diluted with water at a ratio of 1:3 (by volume). Actually repairing cracks is promazyvanii prepared mixture. Typically, the repair is applied two coats of paint (the second - after drying of the first) to the total layer thickness was not less than 2mm. Repairs carried out on a cloudy day. In order not to push the entire sheet around the repaired sheet is necessary to work in rubber boots and use a board thickness of 25mm and a width of 20cm stuffed with her cross-bars to lock the legs.Board clings to skate with bars nailed to its end on the back side. Sections of the roof with broken paint layer must be painted immediately, without waiting for the next general coloration. For painting the roof uses a special dye for slate. Repair of metal roofing Repair metal roof depends on the magnitude of damage. Small holes in a metal roof (fistulas) are buried rags soaked in hot bitumen is poured from the top layer of asphalt mastic. Minor damage can gloss over Surikova putty. At larger apertures impose patches of burlap or tar paper. The size of patches should be 20-25cm larger than the hole. 20cm gap to close up just a patch. For very large amount of damage done to the lining of a piece of old roofing iron, beat him to the crate in order to pay does not sag. Before the patch label surface of the metal around the hole at 20-25cm cleaned with a wire brush and coated with hot asphalt cement. Giving it to dry, put it on a greased hot mastic patch of burlap or tar paper in one or two coats (depending on the size of the hole). After that, make the outer plaster patches of hot cement. With significant damage to metal roof completely replaced by steel plates, and turn down again, folded folds in the places of their joining. Faulty seal lying and standing seam roof sheet steel should be made with pre-greasing them with sealant or putty Surikova. When the corrosion on the roofs and drainage devices, made of galvanized steel to be painted as anti-corrosive paint for galvanizing. The service life of the roof depends on the quality of base materials, the right technology and its device type mastic, as well as the quality of care for the roof. Systematic care of the roof and prevention are essential.
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