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quieting noisy water pipes: fixing water hammer

by:Boom Home     2020-03-23
Some homeowners will hear the sound of banging, knocking or jingling while running water at home, especially when they close the water.
Sometimes, when the tap is off, the pipe sounds like it\'s going to break through the wall.
Don\'t worry that your pipes are not possessed, and you don\'t need to drive demons in the house.
There is extra pressure in your water pipe, usually called water hammer. Water-
The hammer is caused by a high water level. pressure.
The pressure in the pipe is caused by the assembly, so it is necessary to carry out maintenance.
Excessive pressure can cause the pipe joint to break or break, and the safety valve will leak.
Thankfully, a quick fix will keep your plumbing system quiet and save you the cost of calling a plumber. Shhh. . . Find the shut-
The valve of the house is closed.
The main valve is usually located in the basement or glove room near the water meter.
The main closing valve is usually a gate valve, which is not a very nice closing, it is just a round handle.
Turn around at home and turn off the water valve for all appliances, including washing machines, water heaters, dishwashers, refrigerators and any other appliances with water supply.
Close the supply valve of the toilet, usually behind the toilet.
Move to the sink closest to the main supply valve.
Open the cold water side and let the water run.
Find the sink farthest from the main valve and open the cold water.
Open the cold water and continue running.
Turn off the tap when it stops coming out of the tap.
Back to the main water-supply valve.
Re-open the main supply valve.
Open the supply valve of refrigerator, washing machine, hot water-
Heaters, dishwashers and any other water-
Supply electrical appliances.
Flush from the toilet farthest from closing-
Close the valve and work towards the toilet closest to the main supply valve.
Open each tap of each sink, shower and bathtub.
Put both hot and cold on.
Don\'t forget the communal sinks that may be in the garage, basement, or laundry room. Let the water-
5 to 10 minutes of traffic.
There will be air in the wire, causing the water to spit out from the tap and splash out, which is normal.
Since you don\'t want your tap to spit and hiss on you, it can be a bit serious and shocking, but it\'s totally normal.
If the air is still spitting in 10 minutes
The water flows out of the tap and keeps the water running until it flows smoothly.
The water may start to flow smoothly, then suddenly spit and then flow smoothly ---normal.
Don\'t turn off the tap until the tap runs freely for at least two or three minutes without spitting.
Just be quiet!
You\'re all finished.
After you run through the whole process, when you turn off the tap, your pipe will no longer make a knock, a bang, a jingle or other noise.
If the pressure increases again and the pipes start to make noise, Please quiet them through these steps.
Once you hear signs of water hammer, drain the air from the pipe, which you just did to keep the pipe open and avoid expensive visits by plumbers.
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