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Protecting Your Patio Furniture in Winter

by:Boom Home     2020-06-07
During the warmer months, your family would prefer spending most time in the patio. But as the winter sets in, staying in the patio can get difficult. It is then time for your patio furniture to be provided with the much-needed protection against the harsh cold weather. Preparing your patio furniture Toronto for winter storage is very important, as the extreme weather could cause heavy damage, making the deck non-functional for the coming year. To minimize the damage and increase the lifespan of your patio furniture Toronto, you could use these handy tips: Cleaning the furniture set The first step for you to ensure is that the patio deck is cleaned free from dust, stains, and rust. Wicker patio furniture is often coated with a protective layer on it. A mild soap and warm water solution to gently brush the surface of the patio deck can be the first step for its winter storage. The same should be let to dry completely before putting it away. Repair or repainting areas need to be examined at this point. If your patio furniture Toronto belongs to the category of metal set, then you will have to follow the same procedure as above to clean the surface of the furniture. For the wooden deck, you might have to take extra care, as wood tends to lose its luster to air. The wooden surface has to be first cleaned with mild soap water solution and dried thoroughly. After it is completely dry, applying a coat of mineral oil or furniture oil on the surface is a good idea. This prevents it from developing cracks during the extreme dryness of the winter months. Removable cushion and pillow covers can be washed and dried as per the fabric instructions. For those that are not detachable can be treated to a mild soap water solution. You can use a sponge to remove the excess dirt from the surface of the cushions. These should be left to dry completely before they are put away for storage. Covering the furniture Once you have accomplished the cleaning task, the patio deck should be covered or wrapped away and placed in the garage or attic that is well-sheltered and dry. Wrapping them with a sealed tote, canvas bags, or plastic bags is also a feasible solution. Dismantle the bulky pieces, stack chairs on top of each other, and put the cushions and pillows aside. Bind this covering with a tight rope to prevent any amount of air getting inside. Following these steps will ensure that your patio furniture Toronto will look its best and serve you well in the coming seasons.
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