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oral-b vs. sonicare: which is better?

by:Boom Home     2020-02-20
While the Oral-
B . 5000 was found to be better than Philips Sonicare Elite in removing plaque, the latest product of Sonicare (
Philips Sonicare Flexcare Platinum)
Higher than oral scores-
B. The efficiency of removing bacteria was 5000.
Read the Buzzle article below to learn more about these electric toothbrushes. Manual toothbrushes do not remove up to 50% of plaque accumulated in the mouth. Oral-
B and Sonicare are two popular brands of electric toothbrushes on the market today.
Both toothbrushes are known to be effective in removing plaque.
While both brands are effective, each brand uses a different method of cleaning teeth.
For example, the cleaning action of Sonicare gives the vibration movement to the bristles, while the oral-
B. Brush hair swing at high speed to remove dental plaque.
Both methods provide deep cleaning and clinical evidence can effectively eliminate plaque.
As consumers, we will naturally find that if both toothbrushes are effective in cleaning plaque, it is difficult to determine the pros and cons of both.
Let\'s learn more about which of these two is better through this article.
Oscillation movement of oral cavity
B. Won the victory in maintaining oral hygiene.
To put it simply, verbally
B is better than the Sonicare Elite in removing patches.
Through clinical trials, oral-
B is higher than Sonicare.
A study reportedly involved the participation of 61 people under the age of 1964 years.
The two electric toothbrushes considered for comparison are Philips Sonicare Elite and Oral-
B. Professional nursing series.
Oral tissue examinations were recorded for those subjects who did not brush their teeth for about 24 hours.
The examination before brushing showed the score of the full mouth plaque.
Subjects with a score of 0.
60 or more toothbrushes were given to clean the teeth.
After brushing your teeth with commercially available teeth for 2 minutes, the oral tissue examination was re-examined
In order to make a note of the plaque score.
After a short rinse, the participants repeated the process after replacing the toothbrush.
It was observed that both toothbrushes effectively reduced the level of plaque after brushing. However, Oral-
B was found to be much better than the Sonicare Philips elite in eliminating the whole oral care.
In addition, the Ole B for removing the efficiency of dental plaque
B. The cheek, Edge, tongue and near edge are also higher than Sonicare. With Oral-
B. Nearly dental plaque decreased by 97%, and the total dental plaque decreased by 88%.
The use of Sonicare, however, showed a 61% reduction in total oral plaque and a 73% reduction in approximate plaque.
The results clearly demonstrate that the vibration movement of Sonicare is not as effective as that of the oral cavity
B. Remove plaque
However, a clinical study shows that the latest \"Avatar\" Philips Sonicare Flexcare Platinum Card from Sonicare is oral-
B. Alcare smart series 5000.
The study involved the participation of 110 healthy people between the ages of 18 and 65. After a 24-
In the absence of oral hygiene, the lowest average plaque score of the participants was recorded and found to be 1. 8.
Subjects were randomized to Sonicare FlexCare platinum or oral-
Motorsionalcare SmartSeries 5000 is recommended to use an electric toothbrush for 3 days.
Next is a 3-
Use the day washing stage of a manual toothbrush.
After 24 hours without brushing their teeth, participants underwent an oral examination to check plaque deposition.
Participants were then asked to use a spare toothbrush and 3-
Electric toothbrush and 3-
Manual toothbrush cleaning-
After that is the phase of elimination.
Participants returned to the clinic after 24 hours without oral hygiene for plaque assessment.
Philips Sonicare FlexCare platinum is observed to be a clear winner and perform better in removing patches.
Found that FlexCare is more effective than oral care --
B . 5000, reduce the overall surface plaque (p-
The value is less than 0. 0001)
Including in difficult times. to-
Enter the rear side area.
In the electric toothbrush, the mouth
The thinksionalcare SmartSeries 5000 model has received positive feedback from customers and experts.
Because of its many features, this is one of the top
Rated toothbrush recommended by dentist.
Priced at around $115, this brush is equipped with 5 cleaning modes such as sensitive, daily cleaning, deep cleaning, massage and white.
Also, if you apply too much pressure while brushing your teeth, the toothbrush will display warning lights and even make noise.
It also has a timer that will alert you if the brushing time is less than 2 minutes.
In addition, the brush head is able to oscillate, rotate, and pulse, which helps to easily reach the area of the mouth.
With 9 brushing combinations, you can imagine how a toothbrush can be customized.
The brush works in 3 modes (
Cleaning, white and gum care)
And there are 3 levels of personalized intensity (
Low, medium and high).
Whichever combination is selected, it offers deep cleaning and even access to the most difficult areas of the teeth.
The InterCare brush head has different lengths of bristles, which can not only remove plaque between teeth and on the gum line, but also whiten teeth by removing stains, thus bringing an unprecedented brushing experience.
Similar to spoken-
B . 5000, the brush head is equipped with a pressure sensor and timer to ensure that there is not too much pressure when brushing the head.
It also makes sure you clean your teeth for at least 2 minutes.
The Flexcare model has an UV brush disinfectant that protects the brush head from bacteria and viruses.
So, although the brush is slightly more expensive (USD 199), the tailor-
Every penny is worth a brushing experience.
This is the basic pattern in spoken English.
B. Brush lineup
The price is around $40, which is a practical option for people with tight budgets.
Although it has only one mode of operation (daily clean)
, The brush is effective in cleaning and removing patches.
It is observed that most people prefer to use only one cleaning mode per day.
It works as well as spoken --B 3000 series.
Also, using a toothbrush with different cleaning modes can sometimes be frustrating because of the power button in the mouth
The B . 3000 is sensitive even to the most gentle touch, which unconsciously leads to a change in operating mode.
However, there has been a problem with the function of the oral pressure sensor
B . 1000, because it is not sensitive enough to detect pressure when it is brushed too hard.
So when using this spoken language
B model, be sure to brush your teeth gently.
And if you feel you don\'t need multiple modes and are looking for costs-
Effective toothbrush, buy mouth
The B . 1000 model is well founded.
Keep in mind that it doesn\'t matter if your brush is expensive or a cheaper oral replacement
B . 5000 or Philips Sonicare FlexCare platinum.
It is important to make full use of cleaning technology and brush correctly.
Brush only 20-
No matter how many functions the toothbrush has, 30 seconds is not enough.
Brushing your teeth for at least 2 minutes is essential for thorough cleaning.
In addition, it is observed that the smaller the head of the brush, the better it is to thoroughly clean the oral activity.
In general, invest in your comfortable brush, which helps to keep your mouth as healthy as possible.
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