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Oral B Vitality - Replacing the Battery.

by:Boom Home     2020-03-14
Dismantling the vitality of Oral B.
Unlike many other models in the Oral B series, the energetic body gradually shrinks to the bottom.
So when other models need to remove the base to access the battery, the model needs to remove the top.
To do this, you need to grab the brush head to install the plastic socket above and rotate the top counter-clockwise.
In order to minimize the possibility of socket damage, it is better to match the two small pieces of medium-fiber board or cork with its profile and then fix it on the pair.
When rotating, the top will be forced to leave the body through the tilt angle of the joint.
Once you release the top, the brush mechanism can be taken out of the box.
You can then see the battery connected to the board.
The three metal labels that connect the motor and switch to the circuit board have no
Welding is to remove the circuit board and battery from the white plastic housing.
This can be done with tin removal tools or tin removal toolsSolder pigtails.
When the battery and circuit board are removed from the white plastic inner shell, the battery can be removed from the circuit board by welding the label.
The battery of this model is the same size as the standard AA battery (
50mm long x 14mm diameter. )
So you have a lot of replacement batteries to choose from.
In this case, I used the NiMh battery and welded the copper label on it to achieve a connection to the board.
Then reinstall the board and battery in the white plastic case and reconnect to the motorsoldered.
The spring is then placed inside the charging coil, with the housing aligned and sliding down to the inverted internal mechanism.
Once the top and bottom are aligned correctly, they can be pressed together by hand.
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