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Oral B 5000 Vs 7000 - What\'s the Difference?

by:Boom Home     2020-02-26
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Should I buy an Oral B of 5000 or 7000? Are you interested in getting a new top Oral Bxa0Rechargeablexa0Electric toothbrushes and their two main models-
Precision 5000 and black 7000 (newly released)--
However, uncertaintyxa0Asxa0What\'s the difference between them and/or the extra $50
$70 black 7000 worth the itProfessional series: Oral B Precision 5000 Vs Oral B black 7000 if that\'s the case then you find the correct comparison account.
Below, we will make
Comparing depth and target segmentation analysis of the two models by features (e. g. brush modes)
According to specifications (e. g.
Accessories/size etc)-
So you will see clearly the exact difference between them (
And their similarities)
In turn, give you a clear overview. xa0Asxa0What can each model provide for you (
Therefore,xa0It will bexa0Apparentlyxa0Which best suits your oral cleaning needs/preferences)
Then finally it is concluded that it provides the best overall value relative to its price tag.
Installation technology accuracy 5000: \"Advanced\" pulsating oscillation technology (3 D movement)
Precision Black 7000: advanced pulsating oscillation technology (3 D movement)
The two models actually use the same mounting motor and the Oral B precision technology of \"professional inspiration\", allowing it to perform 8,800 oscillation actions per minute and a maximum of 40,000 pulses (
This is the \"3d motion\" of the I mentioned above \".
E. pulsating rotation and oscillation).
This in turn allows both models to provide you with some of the best dental health cleaning--
Where the plaque is effectively removed (
Twice as much as a manual toothbrush, which in turn significantly reduces gum inflammation--
50% better than Philips\'s sonicare toothbrush
Stimulate the gums (
Improved gum care in less than two weeks, again more effective than competitor sonicare)and remove (
Tea, wine, coffee)
Make your teeth shine with stains (
Everything is easy and comfortable).
With this technology, Oral B is part of the reason for the #1 toothbrush recommended by dentists worldwide.
Ultimately, however, there is no difference between the two in this regard. Oral-
B. price of 1 yuan for precision black 7000 rechargeable electric toothbrush: $219. 00Buy Now(
Prices as of April 28, 2014)
Features 5000 brush mode and cleaning performance:xa0Whitening | whitening (& Mode)
| Hard brush | sensitive | massage | 3x pressure control | deep cleaning | smart guide | Bristle dicatorprecision Black 7000:xa0Whitening | whitening (& Mode)
| Hard brush | sensitive | massage | 3x pressure control | deep cleaning | SmartGuide | Tounge Cleaner | you can see that there are many features in both models: As mentioned earlier, they have been clinically proven to be effective in reducing plaque, thus contributing to the prevention of gum inflammation and being able to significantly whiten teeth by removing stains (
In addition to the special whitening mode: different whitening modesxa0And alternate between speeds to produce a \"polishing effect \").
In addition, get the correct cleaning brush (e. g. ortho)
You will be allowed to clean around dental work such as Invisalign aligners and braces. Oral-
B. Professional Health cleaning floss action Precision 5000 charging electric toothbrush Amazon price: $133 in 1 country. 12Buy Now(
Prices as of April 28, 2014)
In addition, they can also feel the \"applied\" pressure when you brush your teeth (
Obviously, it will cut the pulse if you continue)--
This is important because it encourages \"good\" tooth cleaning habits, just as you brush too hard and the bristles wear out (
There you will get a special bristles indicator to let you know that the bristles have faded and it\'s time to restock-
Recommended every 3 months)
Like you do a less than ideal cleaning, it becomes almost useless (
Effective removal of plaque).
They also offer a range of custom brushing patterns such as \"sensitive\": for people who are particularly sensitive to teeth and gums (
Provides gentle cleaning)
\"Massage\": stimulate the gums (
Good for gum care)
, \"Deep cleaning\": provide you with a complete and thorough 3-minute cleaning.
You can also use wall-mounted wireless networksxa0Smart Guidexa0It shows how long you havexa0Should bexa0Clean your teeth (
And tell you if it\'s too hard to brush)
It\'s usually the standard 2 minutes--
And indicate to you every 30 seconds when to change the quadrant (e.
G from top right, bottom right, top left, last to bottom left).
They are almost the same in this regard, except for a new aspect that comes with 7000 ---
This is the tongue\"xa0Clean \"mode\": where you can apply the brush directly to your tonguexa0Ensurexa0It\'s also healthy (
Is also very effective in reducing tone).
Practical function accuracy of 5000:xa010 days running time | timer | pressure indicator (Visual)
| Smart guide/digital clock | high cell precision black 7000 for battery:xa010 days running time | timer | pressure indicator (Visual)
| \"Update\" smart guide/digital clock | battery power | premium suitcase they all run for about 10 days and use it about 20 + Times (
Morning and Evening)
, And there is an integrated 2 minute timer.
They also integrate a battery led status meter to let you know how many batteries are left and how long it will take to charge (
About 16 hours).
The 7000 also has a travel box that looks trendy, so it\'s perfect for you to travel (
For more information on this, see the attached section below).
Brush head 5000: European B mini special brush head (flossing)
Accuracy 7000: special brush head for Oral B mini (
Soft, polished
All Oral B brush heads are carefully and professionally designed to present a circular aspect of the tooth cleaning tool.
The way they are molded is to do specific cleaning around a tooth (
So give you a tooth. by-
Clean teeth, not a whole section)--
Will bring you better results.
However, the toothbrush itself is unique, and the 5000 is equipped with a \"floss brush \"(
This is not to replace Flo \')
But it provides you with a very clean environment.
The 7000 is also equipped with a polishing brush, as you can guess from above, it is specially designed for those \"soft\" after \"whitening\" and finally for those with sensitive gums \"(
Recommended by most dentists)etc (
There is also a general/Standard/basic brush type).
So, as you can see, in addition to providing complete overall cleaning, you can really get a personalized \"brush\" of your teeth to meet your most prominent oral needs (
There are other brush heads, such as the mouth.
Neighbors specially designed for people with braces). Oral-
B. price of 1 yuan for precision black 7000 rechargeable electric toothbrush: $219. 00Buy Now(
Prices as of April 28, 2014)
Further information warranty information both models 5000 and 7000 have a two-year warranty plan (
There may be 3 black 7000)
Including the cost of parts and labor (
Potential for replacement).
They also offer a refund guarantee plan if you are not satisfied with the product ---
Whichxa05000 and 7000 seem to last up to 60 days.
Size and weight 5000-4. 4 x 10 x 2.
2 inch | 14 ouncesxa0|xa0xa0--7000xa0-4. 4 x 10 x 2. 2 inches | 14.
What\'s in the 5 oz box (package)Accuracy 5000-
You\'ll get a 5000 precision handle, a \"floss action\" brush head, a refill Holder, a standard suitcase, and a basic smart guide. Accuracy 7000-
Charging station, black Oral B charging toothbrush (
There is an integrated brush head storage room)
, Updated wireless smart guide, luxury suitcase (and charger)
And four brush heads: 3d White, sensitive, and 2x floss action.
Average review rating (sourced Amazon. com)
Accurate 5000:xa04.
5 out of 5 stars (90%)
From 1,000 comments.
Accurate 7000:xa0Recently released. 4.
5 out of 5 stars (90%)
Note: it is safe for children to use them, remove the plaque (
Prevention of gum inflammation
, Gentle with your teeth and gums, 7000 is especially good at protecting your breath. Oral-
B. Professional Health cleaning floss action Precision 5000 charging electric toothbrush Amazon price: $133 in 1 country. 12Buy Now(
Prices as of April 28, 2014)
Conclusion: As you can see, if you buy Oral B Precision 5000 or Oral B Black 7000, then there is really not much difference between 5000 and 7000-
There are many functions that are shared with each other (
You can see it above).
The latter only has the added ability to perform professional tongue cleaning and comes with a fine travel bag and 3 extra toothbrushes.
This is not to say that neither toothbrush is excellent (
This will provide enough work to clean the mouth)--
But what you get should be basically just the price.
At present, 7000 is nearly $80 more expensive than 5000. -
In my mind
Unless you have some serious tongue problems and bad tone problems)
You get more value with 5000 (
If you want, you can get a special toothbrush for less than $20. ).
I estimate that I will consider $7000 before the difference of about $30 or $40 (
However, I appreciate that some people want the absolute best, and the black 7000 does look really great when it comes to healthcare and $80).
Which Oral B precision electric toothbrush would you buy & if you have any questions, comments or concerns about comparing accounts, why?
Spoken B 5000 Vs 7000-
Or about any model (e. g.
You\'re still not sure about the specific aspects you want to clean up with spoken B 7000 compared to 5000)
Then, please do not hesitate to leave them only in the comments section (
You will find it below)
We will definitely get back to you as soon as possible.
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