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Oral B 1000 Vs 4000 - What\'s the Difference Between the Oral B Pro 1000 & 4000?

by:Boom Home     2020-03-02
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If I buy an Oral B 1000 or 4000, the short and objective comparison account below will compare these two very popular Oral B electric toothbrushes-
Accuracy 1000 and accuracy 4000-
Ultimately, highlight their differences and similarities between functionality and specifications, giving you a clear understanding and insight into what these two models can provide you.
Therefore, from this point you will be able to easily determine which model will best suit your dental cleaning needs (
And it gives you the best overall value for money about their price tag).
Installation technology accuracy 1000: \"basic\" pulse and oscillation technology | 3d motion accuracy 4000: \"Advanced\" pulse and oscillation technology | 3d motion the difference in this aspect is that the pro 1000 performs: 20 000 pulses per minute in addition to 8,800 oscillation/rotation per minute (
\"3d motion\" refers--
Oscillation, rotation, and fluctuation occurring together)
, And the pro 4000 produces: \"Times\" of the 40,000 pulse\"xa0There are the same 8,800 rotations and oscillations per minute.
All of this effectively means 4000 is better at breaking down patches (removing 99.
Compared with 7%, 97% of the plaque accounted for 1000)
And delete them using executed strokes--
Therefore, it provides you with a better and healthier cleaning experience.
Important Tips:xa0Numerous clinical studies (
B recognized independent, non-verbalg. Robinson et al. , 2005)
I have proved that it\'s not just me.
The Oral B toothbrush is more effective than the manual one, but ii)
They are also superior to other brands of electric toothbrushes. Oral-
The price of the B. Pro 1000 Electric rechargeable electric toothbrush powered by BraunAmazon is $65. 99Buy Now(
Prices as of February 25, 2016)
Cleaning performance accuracy 1000:xa0Whitening | whitening | brushing teeth | precision 4000:xa0Whitening | whitening (& Mode)
| Hard brush | sensitive | massage | we already know from above that they are all valid (
More of the latter)
In the removal of plaque and whitening (
By removing stains)your teeth.
However, when you brush your teeth too hard, the toothbrush will also inform you (
Basically perform invalid/harmful cleaning)--
When you do this, they stop the pulse (
4000 also has a visual indicator to warn you).
In addition, the 4000 is equipped with three specific custom modes: \"whitening\" mode: Polish your teeth to make them more attractive.
\"Sensitive\" mode: lower power and make it softer-
Make it easier for those with particularly sensitive teeth or gums to endure.
\"Massage\" mode: act directly on the gums to stimulate the gums, which in turn helps prevent and treat gum problems (
Effect by massage)--
Basically to help you provide quality gum care. Oral-
B professional health cleaning Prowhite Precision 4000 rechargeable electric toothbrush 1 yuan price: $124. 99Buy Now(
Prices as of February 25, 2016)
Practical function accuracy of 1000:xa07 days running time | timer | charging indicator (Visual)
| Accuracy 4000:xa0xa010 days running time | timer | charging indicator (Visual)
| 4000 models can be used for up to 3 extra days (
This is about an extra 6-7 uses)
From single charge (
From the charging/storage station provided)
This may make it more suitable for those who travel frequently (
They have a battery watch. -
Detail its condition and whether it needs to be charged as soon as possible).
Also, they have an internal timer that encourages you to further develop the correct cleaning habits by making sure you clean your teeth within the recommended 2 minutes (
Beep every 30 seconds to indicate that you change the quadrant--
Get a good distribution clean).
Brush head 1000:xa0European B precision cleaning brush head |xa0Bristle indicator | precision 4000:xa0Oral B Dental floss action brush head |xa0Bristle indicator | Oral B designs their toothbrush heads with leading dental professionals and presents unique round and contour shapes (
Inspired by practical dental tools)
To fully conform to the curvature of your teeth, allow the user to perform effective teeth --by-tooth clean (
There is also an indicator to let you know when they need to be replaced, about once every 12 weeks).
In addition, Oral B offers various types of brush heads, so you can customize (
And solve oral problems)
Your cleaning experience goes further.
For example, you will notice that the precision is clean (1000)
Brushxa0Head is the standard version, and (
The 4000 that comes with that version is)
Dental floss action is more specific to remove plaque, gum health, and works with \"micro-pulse bristles\" to reach difficult areas.
Other versions include \"sensitive\" brush heads with extra soft bristles to help those with sensitive teeth/gums.
Note: Make sure you have compatibility with the version toothbrush with the corresponding head.
Further information warranty information supports two years per model (24 month)
Including coverage plan
Cost of parts and labor (
And a refund guarantee plan for 2 months).
Size and weight4. 4 x 10 x 2.
2 inch | 13 ounces |--4000 -10. 4 x 9. 4 x 3.
2 inch | 1 pounds | what\'s in the box (package)Accuracy 1000-
1 handle, 1 charger, 1 precision cleaning, refill the brush head.
\"Precision 4000-
The average comment rating is \"1 handle, 1 charger, 1 ProWhite Pen, 1 refill holder and 1 suitcase \"(sourced Amazon. com)
Accuracy 1000: 4.
4 out of 5 stars (88%)
From 1,100 comments.
Accuracy 4000: 4.
3 out of 5 stars (86%)
From 400 comments.
Conclusion: If you have clearly purchased the Oral B 1000 or Oral B 4000,4000 model to provide you with a higher quality oral cleaning (
This is really expected)--
For me, though 1000 is actually less than half the price-
I will still buy 4000 on the basis of providing quality dental cleaning.
This is not to say that 1000 is a bad toothbrush, it is actually very good and offers exceptional value for less than $50.
But for me, I think it\'s worth it to buy an excellent cleaning toothbrush for $100 --
This provides some of the best spoken English (professional)
Like cleaningxa0--
4000 is and does.
Look at our \"month recommendation ToothbrushOral-
B. price of 1 yuan for precision black 7000 rechargeable electric toothbrush: $219. 99Buy Now(
Prices as of February 25, 2016)
Which Oral B precision electric toothbrush would you buy & if you have any concerns, questions, or just a sentence or two about a comparison account for Oral B 1000 and 4000 or specifically about Oral B precision toothbrush, so please don\'t hesitate to compare only in the comments section--
You will find it below. -
We will definitely get back to you as soon as possible.
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