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Non Slip Products Are Now Items of Mass Consumption

by:Boom Home     2020-06-11
Non slip products have become items of mass consumption as more and more customers are discovering their utility. The widespread use of these items is because of the growing awareness among people for ensuring safety at home and public buildings. The primary reason for the rising demand in these items stems from the fact that the incidence of slip and fall accidents is substantially high and people are trying to curb that. Non slip items are particularly meant for making floors increase the co-efficient of friction between two surfaces, which ideally is 0.6. The objective of using non-slip compounds is to raise and maintain this co-efficient over prolonged periods. Some compounds help to maintain this level for many years while there are some for limited periods. Surface specific non-slip materials are also available for sale. Thus, as a customer your selection for a product becomes easier. Most of these compounds are available across counters and at affordable prices. Categorization of Non Slip Products Non slip items could be classified according to their utility. Broadly these are available in the form of spray paints, acrylic coating, wood coating, and wet surface coating. Each one of these has definitive applications and should be used with care. Spray Paint - Spray paint is the most common form of non-slip product demanded by customers. These transparent clear liquids could be used on a wide array of surfaces like quarry tile, concrete, vinyl, steel, aluminium, and fibreglass. This chemical is equally effective both indoors and outdoors. An application dries within an hour and lasts to a maximum period of twelve months. In areas of heavy foot traffic its longevity is about six months. Typical application areas include ladders, steps, fibreglass tubs, pool and boat decks, boot soles, and ramps. Acrylic Coating - Acrylic coating for floors offers long term anti-slipping treatment. This water based chemical compound is applied like paint on marble, quarry tile, granite, concrete, terrazzo, vinyl, concrete and metal surfaces. This versatile compound is applied universally over floors with the help of a paint brush. After applying you must allow about three hours to dry. This compound could even be used in driveways and parking areas. However 48 hours of drying is necessary before allowing movement of vehicular traffic after a surface is treated with acrylic coating. Wood Coating - This water based urethane substance is transparent and particularly meant for timber floors. On application a wooden floor not only becomes non slippery but also resistive to abrasions. Even the appearance of the floor is enhanced by a glossy finish. This chemical requires six hours for drying and 48 hours for becoming vehicular traffic fit. Wet Surface Coating - This product is specifically meant to be used in wet areas like bathrooms, bath tubs, and pool sides. Porcelain, ceramic, granite, marble, quarry tile, cement and terrazzo are the surfaces that it ideally works on. As wet surfaces exist everywhere this anti slipping compound is used in homes, hospitals, restaurants, shopping malls, and hotels. An application of wet surface coating lasts for almost four years. Usage on these non slip products is simple and does not require any special training.
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