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Neil Armstrong\'s Purdue class ring part of latest auction

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West LAFAYETTE of Ind(AP) —
It is not clear when the first person to set foot on the moon, Neil Armstrong, received his ring.
\"But this is after the Apollo 11 mission,\" said Michael Riley, director of space exploration at the Dallas Heritage auction.
Located in the second of the three auctions, the personal belongings of the most famous graduates of Purdue University.
\"This is a display ring as it comes in with a carved plaque on the top of the wooden display box that mentions the famous quote\" one small step for one person \".
Wait, \"Riley said.
\"Beautiful ring.
Being able to put on the ring and say, \'Yeah, this is Neil Armstrong\'s ring, \'how cool it is,\' the first round is touted as three-
Armstrong\'s collection was held in October at a large auction of $5.
27 million obtained from the hundreds of items collected by the so-called Armstrong family.
(Auction featuring astronautsand space-
Related items, $7.
Overall, it\'s 48 million, says Riley.
) Like the first auction, the second round includes some Purdue-
Armstong keeps and classifies related things from his days as a student and a famous alumnus of aviation engineering, class 1955.
(Armstrong\'s life and career will be auctioned for the third time in July, just in time for the 50 th anniversary of the moon landing in July 20, 1969.
) At Purdue, Sammi Morris, director of the Virginia Kelly Carnes Archives and Special Collection Research Center, said her staff had gone through the catalogue of the auction, which will be held on May 9.
As with the October auction, Morris said Purdue was not planning to bid.
\"The Armstrong document we already have is very powerful, except for some Purdue --
\"Related items, we don\'t see anything of particular interest,\" Morris said . \".
The Karnes Research Center has Neil.
Armstrong\'s documents, which collect souvenirs, photos, documents and letters saved by astronauts during his career, were arranged to Purdue after his death in 2012.
Purdue University says the collection is 364
After two years of university sorting, the value of page index is $3.
4 million 221 is required.
The 4 th floor of the Purdue HSSE Library has 3 cubic feet of shelf space.
Collection: Map and checklist of Apollo 11 moon;
Pictures of him at Purdue University
And Gemini 8 mission food toothbrush and motion sickness medicine.
At the auction in October, at more than a dozen auctions in Purdue
The related work, which is said to have landed on the moon with Armstrong for a hundred-year flag, costs $42,000;
Armstrong\'s hand.
The notebook he wrote in his general engineering class cost $6,000;
A suit jacket from Armstrong\'s Brotherhood Phi Delta Theta brought $2,000.
Does Purdue archives have any desire \"if supporters want to buy and donate to us, we are willing to accept Neil\'s schedule for the first semester at Purdue University, Morris said.
That is to say, at the Armstrong auction, there are some discoveries with the taste of his alma mater. —
1955 Purdue ring: No. 8 Ring 10-
The Gold of calarat is engraved with Armstrong\'s name.
The ring is packed in a wooden display box with a heavy copper plaque that says, \"Neil Armstrong/Purdue University 1955,. E.
A small step for human beings, a big step for human beings.
/Quiet base-July 1969.
(Heritage note: \"The carved plate is somewhat discolored and the ring is original.
) According to the description of the estate: \"We assume that Armstrong has never received his class ring during 1955, or may have been lost.
In any case, the university is proud of this special ring for such an outstanding and important graduate.
Bid Opening: $12,500 (buyer premium 25%, $15,625 ). —
Armstrong\'s schedule from fall 1947: this will be the first semester of Armstrong\'s career at Purdue University, and his time in the United States is caught in the middleS.
Part of the Naval Aviation Academy program.
The schedule is filled out and signed by Armstrong, whose student number is 02487, who lists his address at 611 New York street
He took 8 classes with a total of 19 credits: General Chemistry, composition, engineering lectures, engineering drawings, workshop labs, algebra and triangles, sports activities and bands.
Propaganda of the heritage: \"a very important and unique part of Neil Armstrong and Purdue history.
Fans of Purdue, don\'t miss this!
\"Bid as of April 29: $1,700 (buyer premium of $2,125 ). —
Purdue Grand Prix starting Award: On 1975, Armstrong served as the honorary starting of the Purdue Grand Prix on campus.
The kart race for students.
The bronze plaque has the image of a mascot, Purdue Pitt, crammed into a kart.
Bid Opening: $400. —
Purdue Alumni Magazine: Armstrong has kept an alumni magazine since July --
In August 1989, he was on the cover of the 20 th anniversary of the moon landing.
In November 1969, he also kept a copy of it, with Mike Phelps, quarterback of Purdue University on the cover.
This includes the full mailing address of his home in Cedar Brook, Texas.
Bids as at April 29: $50 on July 3August 1989;
US dollar November 6, 1969. —
The first man on the moon stamp
1969: the first day of the stamp was issued on a postcard, with Armstrong wearing a space suit next to Phi Delta Theta crest: \"Neil.
55 years of Purdue Armstrong;
Phi Delta Theta, the number of keys is 851.
\"Heritage propaganda in this regard:\" is the perfect project for the show of Brotherhood chapters or members.
\"Bids, as of April 29: $22. —
What you can do is: See the complete list of bid items in the Armstrong collection until May 9, go to the historical heritage auction. ha. com. —
Armstrong campus exhibition: The Archives and Special Collection of Purdue is commemorating the 50 th anniversary of the moon landing with the exhibition \"Apollo in the Archives: A selection of Neil\"
Armstrong\'s paper, \"by August. 16.
The Purdue archives and Tibet museum are open from 10: 00. m. to 4:30 p. m.
The Stewart Center Library of Humanities, Social Sciences and Education, Monday-Friday.
The archives and exhibitions are on the fourth floor of the library.
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