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Medvedev signs partnership declaration with Austria, remains coy on presidential bid

by:Boom Home     2020-03-21
The declaration states that the two countries will strive to strengthen economic cooperation.
Including investment in sectors that promote economic growth and innovation.
The focus is on sharing technical knowledge --
How, work experience and joint work of the Center for Research and Education.
The document also focuses on the mutual development of small businessesand medium-
The leaders pointed out that large enterprises are the engine of any economy.
Open the door for entrepreneurs --
The two leaders also nodded and agreed.
President Medvedev has turned modernity into an important aspect of his presidency and decided
More direct cooperation with Austria on the 12 th
Russia\'s biggest investor is a good fit for the project.
Trade between Russia and Austria totaled $3.
In 2010, Austria invested $48 billion in Russia\'s economy.
2 billion in the same period.
It is worth noting that the declaration is quite different from the usual standard fare for bilateral declarations, as it calls for \"preparation for the exchange of researchers and technicians and for the promotion of diverse cooperation
Operation between high and high
Technical talent, including Skolkovo innovation center, is proud of Russia\'s answer to Silicon Valley.
A senior Russian diplomat attending the event said the example of a \"deep partnership\" between the two countries could be used as a \"template\" for seeking cooperation with other European countries, including in the field of missile defense.
The diplomat said: \"It should not be ignored that experts in our two countries enjoy the skills that each other does not have or does not know . \" She said on the sidelines of the meeting that she asked for anonymity because she was close to the discussion.
\"It\'s natural that we should take advantage of the benefits of mutual cooperation.
It may even be on missile defense.
By the way, the Russian chief of staff colonel. Gen.
Valeri grasimov held a working meeting on Thursday with John Pucher, director of the political and security division of the Austrian Ministry of Defense and sports, to discuss the European missile defense issue, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced.
The meeting focused on bilateral defense and militarytechnical co-operation.
The two sides discussed European missile defense and regional and international security issues . \"
NATO and Russia are now working on some way to cooperate.
Between them military operations on missile defense systems in Eastern Europe.
Moscow has repeatedly warned 28-
The military group of member states said the system would be seen as a direct national threat without full Russian cooperationoperation.
At the same time, the two countries will continue to strengthen cooperation.
Operating in the energy industry with a special focus on energy-
As the world begins to embrace the reality of a changing environment, saving technology.
At the same time, Medvedev and Fischer demonstrated their green credentials by urging the international community to make every effort to reach universal and legally binding international agreements on climate change.
The 34 UN climate change summit is scheduled to take place in Bonn, Germany, in June.
To better understand the agenda between the two leaders, the accompanying President was the assistant president, Sergei Prikhodko, Russian ambassador to Vienna, Sergei Negev, Minister of Education and Science, André fusamara regional governor and joint meeting
President of Russia
Representative of the Austrian business council and deputy head of some government agencies.
In response to questions from Austrian journalists, Medvedev vijaf reiterated what he said yesterday in the main Q & A media in Moscow, saying that he could take part in the 2012 presidential election.
The reporter cleverly raised her question, asking the Russian leader if it could be expected that Medvedev would become the \"direct partner\" of the Austrian president after Russia\'s presidential election in 2012 \".
\"Medvedev responded.
Russian leaders warned Thursday that the international community must take advantage of the \"window of opportunity\" for Middle East settlements \".
At a press conference following Thursday\'s meeting with the Austrian foreign minister, Medvedev said: \"The fact is that there was a huge change in the Middle East and North Africa last year, it may bring more problems to international life and the situation on the African continent.
\"It is very important to use the new window of opportunity to calm the situation in the affected areas,\" he added . \".
The Russian president also said the two leaders had discussed the possibility of a Middle East solution meeting with Austrian colleagues.
Austrian President Fischer will also meet with other major Russian politicians in the next three days.
\"The visit plan of the Austrian leader also envisages a meeting with Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and Moscow Mayor Sergei sobiyanin and participation in Russia-
\"The Austrian business forum,\" the Kremlin news agency told Interfax . \"
Fischer\'s visit will also take him to Tatarstan.
On Thursday, Fisher said at a business forum that Austria supports Russia\'s accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO (WTO).
\"We see this as a reasonable step and Austria intends to contribute to expanding relations between Russia and the EU,\" the Austrian president said . \".
\"We hope longterm co-
Cooperation with Russia
\"Strengthening our relationship will help to sign an agreement on a modern partnership and other documents, which will enable both sides to strengthen trust,\" Fischer said . \".
Sergey Katyrin, president of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said: \"friendly relations have brought Russia and Austria together.
In particular, they promote effective interaction between the chambers of commerce of the two countries.
\"We want to make up for the time lost due to the financial crisis. High-tech co-
Operation and Development of Internet
\"Regional Contact is our priority,\" he said . \"
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