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mcdonald’s employee’s photos of a filthy mcflurry machine are making us cringe

by:Boom Home     2020-03-23
Whether it\'s Oreos, chocolate sauce, crisps or cream eggs, we love it.
What we don\'t all want, however, is a dirty McFlurry machine-especially if our ice cream is from here.
But according to Nick, a McDonald\'s employee in the United States, this may be exactly what happened.
Nick recently exposed his branch on Twitter because the McFlurry machine was left in a disgusting state.
The photo shows him claiming to have taken out a metal tray from an ice cream machine that was completely covered by a green gunk.
Nick received more than 13,000 retweets and 15,000 likes that shocked customers.
Many questioned the truth behind the photos, thinking that they might not have come from the McFlurry machine-but Nick quickly clarified any assumptions, explaining that the tray came directly from the machine and was not part of the grease trap.
Others also attacked Nick for not cleaning the machine himself, but he said it was the manager\'s job.
Despite Nick\'s attempts to humiliate his McDonald\'s branch, it seems that there are too many fans at McDonald\'s who are completely willing to do anything and don\'t believe that their McFlurry machine is actually like this.
While we don\'t yet know if the McFlurry machine is really covered with this dirt, what we know is that since posting this thread, Nick claims he has lost his job at McDonald\'s.
He does, however, say that losing his job is a plan he has always had.
This leads to the question: if he is going to lose his job with this thread, how much of it is true, and we need to know urgently now-when we go deep into McDonald\'s without apology, just to protect yourself from bad images. Metro. co.
The UK has contacted McDonald\'s to find out exactly what is going on and we will update the article once they reply.
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