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Marinating Hard Wooden Floors

by:Boom Home     2020-06-12
wooden flooring, wooden floor, floor cleaner, woodFlooring is a very important part of every home. With no time for proper and through cleaning, to get rid of carpet and health issues and for easy maintenance most of us today go for tiles to cover the floors. Tiles come in all shapes, sizes and designs to go with your room and indoors and outdoors both. But the effect and the vintage classic touch that wooden flooring gives to your home is incomparable to any tiled floor.True, that wooden floors are difficult to clean and maintain as compared to tiles, but they are and will always be the best option form home flooring. A wooden floor goes and matches well with all kinds of houses and designs be it classic, modern, contemporary or traditional. Wood has always been in style and will remain to be in style forever. So, if you are planning to get wooden flooring for your house, you should better learn some maintenance tips to make the beauty of your flooring last longer and keep attracting attention.Cleaning you wooden floor on a daily basis is the first and the most important tip that you should always remember. The cleaner you keep the wood, the longer it tends to retain its original charm and state. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the floor. Take of the beater brush and use a soft bristled brush or just the air vent to get rid of any small particles or dust that is gathered on to the floor. If you do not have a vacuum cleaner, simply do the job using a broom and a dustpan, but obviously that is going to take more time and effort.Next clean your floor with water. Do not use soap and a brush to scrub the wood. This would remove the polish or damage and wear off the laminate if you have used laminated wood. Instead use a wet mop soaked in water with some floor cleaner mixed in it. The floor cleaner will help clean the wood thoroughly and get rid of any germs that might be present on the floor.Sometimes you do not really have an idea of what kind of wood has been used in your house or what you should do to clean it. In such cases, contact the manufacturer and ask for cleaning and maintenance details. They are likely to recommend you some products that are meant for your wooden flooring particularly.After cleaning comes protection. There are number of ways in which you can protect your wooden flooring. Place a door mat at the entrance of your house or rug somewhere on the entrance of a room so that whoever enters can swipe their shoes or foot on it and get rid of any excessive dust and dirt before walking on the wood.Make sure your wooden flooring is not in direct contact with sunlight as the harsh ultraviolet rays can fade and wear off the wood. Avoid scraping and tampering the wood with sharp objects like the furniture or stilettos.
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