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by:Boom Home     2020-03-25
Hey, time traveler!
This article is published in 2/2/2018 (499 days ago)
Therefore, the information in it may no longer be up to date.
Most of us can use more storage space. or less stuff.
What if you could reduce your home product by choosing a multi-purpose product?
The network is filled with articles such as \"23 special uses of pantyhose\" and \"makeup brush in toothbrush holder.
\"But I want to do better.
I want to know which household products are the most
The most useful
All alternative uses.
I want the best.
My pursuit is totally unscientific, but I do make some rules for myself.
First of all, I searched articles and blogs about the amazing alternative uses of common household items.
I then search further to see which items are the topics with the most articles or the longest list.
I decided that every piece of advice I shared should be unisex in order to be as common as possible.
I made a rule of \"Getting Real\": the alternative uses must be tasteful and not too taxed.
Bouquet not made of egg boxtoo cheesy!
Photo projector not made with shoe boxtoo time-consuming.
I then curated some tips to share the best for each product only.
According to the Internet and me, here are 13 of the most useful household products in our family: baby powder cake ● sprinkle it on tangled jewelry to unlock the knot.
● Put Some talc on your hair brush and brush it to your roots with dry shampoo.
● Smell of dust-
Smell the book, fresh and fragrant.
● Place around doors and windows to repel ants.
We know to put a box in the fridge, but putting baking soda in a smelly basket also helps to get rid of the smell there.
● Scrub the grate of the grill with it.
A study found that baking sodaand-
Aqueous solution is the most effective way to wash pesticides from agricultural products.
Clear nail polish ● it has been used by women for years to stop running in socks, but it can also prevent buttons from unlocking.
Just tap a drop on the loose thread in the center of the button.
● Paint on cheap jewelry so your skin doesn\'t turn green.
● Apply a coating to the handwritten label to make it applyproof.
Price of coconut oil-
Mark the residue by rubbing 50-
The problem site has a mixture of 50 coconut oil and baking soda. ● Season cast-
Iron Pan: its thick consistency is easy to use and keeps good.
Try it out as a cheap natural moisturizer.
Some people like the taste.
Diamond board ● use small things such as diamond board grinding utility-
Blades, tweezers and sewing needles.
● Gently polish with the diamond board to remove stains on suede leather shoes, clothing, etc.
● If your sweater Pilling, try running the diamond board on the small bump to remove them.
If you have water rings on your wooden furniture, home-
Improvement expert Bob Vera says one legal way to solve these problems is to put a little mayonnaise on it and let it sit for an hour and wipe it with a soft cloth.
Repeat if necessary.
● This smooth condiment also works well to remove gum from hair.
● Others swear with oily mayonnaise because mayonnaise can treat nails.
Yes, yes, the people in our newspaper all know about the cage. . .
But did you know that you could light the dark shoes by rubbing the newspaper in a ball and rubbing it briskly?
● Make newspaper balls, spray them with water, then put them in the fridge to absorb the bad smell.
Oregon\'s promotion service says wrapping green tomatoes in newspapers helps them mature faster.
Be sure to wash before eating.
Be sure to read this before packing!
Lemon ● We all know that running lemon peel through your garbage disposal will make the smell fresh, but do you know that lemon can also make your microwave deodorant?
Drop a bowl of water and half a lemon z in 5 minutes.
The acid in lemon juice is also effective in reducing soap slag on shower doors and other bathroom spots.
Remove coffee and tea stains from the cup by filling the cups with lemon zest, warm water and letting them soak.
Toothbrush ● we may all have used an old toothbrush to clean around the faucet or scrub the mud, but it is also the perfect tool to clean up the mud from the pedals of shoes and boots.
● You can use the extra toothbrush to clean the cheese grinder without sliding your fingers.
● Try to remove the silk from the corn with a toothbrush.
Straws ● chain necklaces through Straws to prevent them from being wound during storage.
● When making homemade bouquets, support delicate flower stems with straws.
● When storing food in a zip bag, close all food except for a quarter of an hour, then insert the straw and suck out the air in the bag before closing all the way.
This will prevent the refrigerator from burning out.
Rubber gloves ● use them to catch the tenacity betterto-open jars.
You don\'t even have to wear them.
● Be sure to wear them to pull poison oak or ivy and show up unscathed. (
You should probably dispose of them later. )
● Wear gloves, wet them a little, and cover them with your hands on the upholstered furniture to remove pet hair.
Rubber band ● If the screw is stripped when you try to remove it, stick a part of the rubber band to the area where it is stripped, it will give you enough grip to get the job done.
● Put rubber bands on the end of the hanger, which is a cheap but effective way to prevent the strap top and tight sweater from slipping.
● Extend the rubber band up from the bottom of the paint can and use the rubber band to wipe the brush to remove excess paint and prevent dripping.
Vinegar ● acetic acid in vinegar can kill weeds, although expert gardeners recommend using it only at the cracks in the sidewalk, as it can also kill your plants.
● I can guarantee that apple cider vinegar is a great clarifying agent that removes the product that is piled up on the hair.
● So many people are thinking, spray a vinegar --and-
The water solution on your window can prevent frost and even have a Snopes page to verify that this is true.
● I hope to have hiccups while writing this so I can test this last alternative use, but no dice: someone swears that a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar will stop hiccupsLet me know!
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