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Maintenance of Wooden Garden Furniture

by:Boom Home     2020-06-13
To make your deck or patio have some form of life, you should consider getting wooden garden furniture to create a feeling of nature as well as act as a bridge from your home to the garden. Wooden garden furniture especially those made from teak is the best choice over all the other materials that are used to make outdoor furniture. Although it is very expensive, if taken good care of, it will last for very many years and it also ages gracefully as it changes from a honey color to silver gray color. Furthermore, it is resistant to insects, rot and decay and will require cleaning once every year with application of Danish oil for color retention. Wooden garden furniture can be made from redwood, pine, cedar or oak, but these require a lot of work when it comes to maintaining as it they are more prone to damages from water and insect invasions. Hence for your outdoor furniture it will be best if you have either Northern white cedar or Western red as they can both do with little care and over time they will turn silver gray and it will not shrink or warp. Moreover, to avoid a lot of cleaning, make sure that you cover the furniture during the winter season as this will prevent it from getting water which when frozen will turn a small crack into a big one thereby lessening the life span of the furniture. It is also advisable to clean wooden furniture well by adding bleach to dishwashing soap with a lot of water, using a brush to clean the dirt, then rinsing it and allowing it to dry. In addition, use protective oil to treat the wood. During the winter season when storing furniture, keep the legs off the ground using a brick or small wood as this will prevent any water from soaking into the legs when there are heavy storms. This also prevents swelling and cracking of the wood over time. Similarly, avoid storing plastic with wooden furniture during winter as the plastic colors might leach into the wood and permanently discolor the wood. You do not want to be shocked when winter is over and you uncover your seats only to find them with permanent colors of different patterns imprinted on it. These are the ways that you can ensure that you will keep your wooden garden furniture safe and free from any damage during winter.
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