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by:Boom Home     2020-06-16
Inspiration, the relentless pursuit from top designers; Cohesion, the life wisdom raised from worldly artists; Touch, the perfect presentation from refined materials; Focus, the best elaboration of craftsmanship and technology. This is the global supplier in 186 countries; This is the leader in upholstered furniture industry; This is the advocator of fashion lifestyle; This is a company specializes in living-room and bedroom furniture; This is KUKA. KUKA runs thousand of brand stores in Holland, France, Bulgaria, Korea and China. We are dedicating ourselves to provide home living solutions that allow families to gather, people to relax, friends to chat in total comfort. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Restoring your furniture's original shine With prolonged use, wooden furniture such as dining tables or livingroom sofas can lose their lustre and appear dull and unattractive. The bottom of the furniture item is especially vulnerable, as it is in contact with splashes of water when the floor is being cleaned. Rather than tolerate the piece of furniture until you are able to replace it, you can quickly revamp it by a applying a simple coat of re-varnish. The new coat of varnish restores the furniture's shine and protects the wood from dirt, grease and other contaminants, giving it a new lease of life. Here are the items you need to get the job done. 1) Sandpaper 2) Varnish 3) Brush 4) A well ventilated/airy room such as a garage 5)Newspapers Method Move the piece of furniture to the garage and place it on top old newspapers spread on the floor. Check the state of your furniture. Damaged or chipping wood will need to be stripped first using a good quality wood stripper. Read the instructions properly to ensure you do not damage the wood further. However, if the wood is intact, proceed as follows. 1. Using fine sandpaper, smooth down the old coat of varnish going with the grain rather than against it. Sanding against the grain can cause the wooden item to scratch. Ensure the old layer of varnish has completely come off. However, do not sand down the wood. Wipe off the dust using a cloth. 2.Ensure the varnish is the appropriate colour before opening it. Use an appropriate colour similar to the previous sofa, which could be clear or stained. Read instructions as you may be required to use a thinner. 3.Using a bristle brush, apply onto the piece of livingroom sofa from top down. Apply a thin coat along the grain of the wood and leave the furniture overnight to dry. Do not keep the furniture out in the direct sun as it will dry too quickly and collect dust particles in the process. 4.Before applying a second coat, lightly sand down the first coat just enough to remove the sheen and wipe down with a cloth to remove dust particles. Apply a second coat of varnish and let it dry. 5. Repeat procedure and sand down the second coat lightly and wipe off the dust before applying a third coat of varnish so that the next coat will stick. Let it dry for an entire day or two before you re-assemble drawers or return the furniture item to its usual use.
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