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Kitchen Health and Floor Cleaning Brush

by:Boom Home     2020-06-17
As per a study done in 2010 by Leeds Metropolitan University, kitchen floors require more than just the regular sweeping procedures. This is more applicable with buildings that house larger population. The more the footfall, the more are the chances of the floor getting dirty and more the chances of diseases. In some cases, such as in student hostel facilities and other buildings that house larger populations, the bacteria count has been astoundingly found to be larger than in public toilets! Further study indicated that houses with pets and children are even more contaminated than student premises. While thin leads to the conclusion that every household must take extra care in cleaning kitchen floors, what could be the tools for correction? In many cases the buckets and mops used in cleaning could actually be the source of the distress. Looking at the possible solutions, it is a change in the mopping practices and procedures that will lead to a healthier living. The basic practice is the 'single bucket technique'. The disinfecting power of most cleaning solution lasts till a single brush. While you have completed mopping the first time and the water in the bucket gets dirty, it's time to change the whole water and pour in some fresh disinfectant. Floor cleaning brushes take us dirt, dust and bacteria easily and while it rubs out the floor, it does actually stick on to the brush till it is washed with clean water. Another procedure encouraged to mop the floor is the 'double bucket technique' where two buckets are used - one with water and the other containing the diluted cleaning solution. Every time the floor cleaning brush requires to be reused, it is first rinsed in water and then in the solution. This way the same amount of solution could be used for subsequent mops without the chances of saturation and spread of bacteria. Conventional cleaning methods are proved to do more bad than keep your premises clean. With pollutants and bacteria sources increasing in every building, there is a better reason to switch to a more proven technique. Trolley buckets and dispense-vacuum systems are the benefits of technological innovation and could be aptly used for modern kitchens. Mopping the floor is generally discouraged, but if there is no other alternative, we should at least make sure that little harm is done. Other than this, use of stronger disinfectants and chemicals could be a solution but this is again accompanied by environmental disadvantages. Stronger chemicals may also contribute to negative health impacts especially with premises that have kids and pets. Thus, the only viable procedure is a different cleaning system that reduces 'cross contamination'. One should understand the amount of dirt a floor cleaning brush can pick up and the feasibility of a frequent change in the cleaning process. With so many varieties of mops available, it shouldn't be a difficult process choosing the right product for your premises. When it comes to cleaning, no compromise should be encouraged.
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