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Is it good to brush walnuts with a bristle brush?

by:Boom Home     2019-12-11
The sebum metabolites secreted by the sebaceous glands on the surface of human skin have a characteristic in that they can attach to hair and play a moisturizing role. Bristle, bristle, using pig hair. Therefore, one of the uses of the bristle brush was to use it as a comb to comb the hair. Long-term use of the bristle brush can ensure the long-term moisturization of the previous person. It looks like long black hair, especially in the Manchu period. Long braids require combing hair with a bristle brush to enhance maintenance. In the early stage of brushing walnuts, we also need to take advantage of the characteristics of a bristle brush. When the palm oil film has just transitioned to the walnut wooden surface, it is the most fluid period. Brushing walnuts with a bristle brush can better texture the walnut Between colors. Lay a solid foundation for the later walnut play a good effect. The quality of the bristle brushes is sorted by color But there are also good and bad mane brushes. The previous quality here refers to before the founding of New China. The advantages and disadvantages of mane brushes are distinguished by color: Black is the best, then white, and finally the suit. But later, because many businesses saw black as easy to sell, they dyed other colors to black. So it causes quality confusion in the market. After the founding of the People's Republic of China, the quality level of the bristle brush gradually changed to: White is the best, noise is the second, and black is the worst. We are now choosing the one with the bristle brush as much as possible to find the original color, which is light yellow to milky white. Of course, if you can be sure that the black bristle brush is not dyed, you can also use it.
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