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Is Boom Homeboar bristle hair brush spoken highly of?
Yes, NingBo Boom Home Co., proud of our boar bristle hair brush of which customers speak highly. Our manufacturing techniques have undergone several rounds of update and transformation, greatly removing the product disadvantages found before by our customers. We cherish the customers' comments and feedback and will proactively respond to their demands for function improvement and product features. The product is endowed with long-term usability, which satisfies customers' requirements for a lower replacement frequency. This results in their high remarks and acknowledges to Boom Home.
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Being one of the leaders in the domestic market, Boom Home is known for excellence in manufacturing quality exfoliating body brush. Boom Home's round hair brush series contains multiple sub-products. Regarding the quality control of our companywood hair brush, every production stage is under strict quality inspection. For example, its anti-static capacity is tested to ensure users' safety. It is friendly to the skin with its surface finely coated. Finely encapsulated, the product performs well in resisting to shock and vibration damage even in rigorous conditions or extreme weathers. It is designed in accordance with ergonomics principle for convenient grasp.

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